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Ammad Munir
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Why should you not try to tow your car yourself?

It is a well-known fact that car breakdowns are quite common. The maximum lifetime of a car in an owner’s hand is seven years. After seven years, whatever the vehicle’s condition is, you should prepare to bear the repair costs. Moreover, these repairing costs might keep on increasing with the passing time. However, if you still decide to keep your diary with you, you must be prepared for a repeated car breakdown. No doubt, it is so frustrating to get stuck with your car on the roadside. The first idea that may come to your mind in such a condition will be most likely to tow your car yourself.

It may seem the best option to get out of the situation but calling for the Towing Service Abu Dhabi is always better. However, it is the most risky decision you can make at that time. Here are a few valid reasons you should not try Towing the car yourself.

Why should I call the car Towing service?

Professional Towing service saves you from potential risks because it is not a one-person job at all. The expert team of towing service Abu Dhabi is well-experienced and well-trained for any calamity that may fall upon during the vehicle’s hauling. If you tow your car yourself, bear in mind that it is just a myth that DIY towing is as successful as professional car towing services.

Vehicle weight

The most important factor to consider while towing a car is vehicle weight. Respectively, vehicle rating means the weight of the vehicle it can haul easily. While trying for DIY towing, you won’t know the Vehicle rating of your car. It means more serious damages to both the vehicles.

Tongue Weight

The weight of a towing vehicle that the tow ball bears is the tongue weight, and it directly relates to the vehicle’s steering mechanism. Too much or too little of the tongue weight may end up in serious damage, and this is the reason you must not tow your car yourself.


For towing a vehicle, towbars are essential. However, towbars have their ratings, and it may vary with the car model as well. Hence, it would be best to have that specific towbar that is safely, legally suitable for the job.

Braking system

The professional staff of Towing Service Abu Dhabi would carefully deal with the towing vehicle’s braking system and the car being pulled. Normally, the towing vehicle has more momentum, which causes the brake system less effective. If not handled properly, it may cause the car to crash. Hence, never try to tow your car and call the car towing service.