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Different Job Options For BBA Graduates

Well, you got your bachelor's degree in business administration from the best BBA colleges in Pune, my friend. Congratulations! Now you need to decide where to go about with it. It’s okay to feel uncertain in a vast ocean of possibilities. You will be the one with the pass to explore many career options with your BBA.

· Human Resources Hero: Do you find yourself naturally attracted to social interactions? And also do you love challenges? If the answer is yes, then a career in human resources will probably be reserved for you. BBA alumni will be able to master the fundamentals of people management; it will include the art of recruiting and hiring, to the fine-grained art of training and development. Whether you are working for a large corporation, a small nonprofit, or elsewhere your role will still be important to help a company get enough talented people, who would want to stay and develop themselves, in the organization. Furthermore, this period has come up with increased attention to workplace diversity and inclusion and hence no other time best defines a moment to enter into the world of human resources excitingly.

· Entrepreneurial Extraordinaire: Fancy yourself a bold and fearless competition-ready contestant? Many people have their own dreams and business ideas, and many of them have been helping people. Therefore, why don’t you take your course as an entrepreneur? Be it taking that leap and launching a startup or being that entrepreneur who works for others through jobs and duties, with a BBA, you’ll be in the perfect position with the know-how and what it takes to make that business a success. If you like gathering the world of technology, opening a bakery where you are telling stories via decoration or launching a consulting firm, soon you will realize that your options are unlimited. Indeed, entrepreneurship is full of mishaps and ups and downs. However, bearing in mind this persistence is beneficial for those who are brave enough to risk it. Therefore, if you have a goal that you want to accomplish above anything then give it a chance. Do not hold yourself back.

· Marketing Expert: Perhaps, you have an edge in conviction – and join advertising if this is the case. After taking up a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course, you have probably already learned a lot of persuasion skills, which helps a lot in the field of marketing. The job opportunities in the advertising sector are vast. They range from executing ad campaigns to consumer insights, this industry is always diversifying. Either way when you get your much profited from brand placed to either a very popular company or a small company then your skill and potential are very commercial for the businesses fighting for marketplace consumers who are getting bombarded in the crowded market.

· Financial Whiz: If the numbers are doing just right, what is your reaction? Firstly, you can get a job in finance. Having a BBA degree, you should be acquainted with this financial information and can be of great help to you when you are working in banks, investment firms, and corporations. In addition, you will be earning a lot of money as one of the number-crunchers as a financial analyst, portfolio manager in an investment bank, and in the role of financial adviser who helps individuals develop their plans. Another perk is that the professions in the financial sector are highly valued, and a great package is further made worthwhile with the opportunities for growth and promotion in the time to come.


These are all the diverse opportunities as a BBA graduate from top management colleges in Mumbai. No matter whether you plan your career to ascend to the top of a company, build your own business, or wander a different multi-path, the skills you have learned during your school life will complement your chosen path. Thus, live in each moment and see where it gets you; the unheard-of road lies ahead.

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