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Learn how to fold a burrito

Although it's not difficult to properly fold a burrito around a filling, there are a few crucial measures to follow to prevent salsa from leaking out the unfolded ends. A nicer eating experience is assisted by properly folded burritos, which is necessary while eating burritos on the go.

You can avoid having ingredients and sauces drip out the bottom while you eat by firmly tucking the ends within. Due to the contents staying safely inside the tortilla and preventing freezer burn, they are also better for freezing. When you get the hang of it, you can easily prepare a large number of burritos to eat now or store for later.

How to fold a burrito?

Step 1

First things first: Prepare your tortilla and filling. Instead of using a corn tortilla for a burrito, choose a flour tortilla because it is more naturally flexible and simpler to fold. It will assist even more if you reheat the tortilla just a little before you begin. If you want to fold a burrito perfectly then start by laying the tortilla flat after warming it. You can either microwave it for fifteen to twenty seconds wrapped in a wet towel, or cook each side in a dry skillet on medium heat for approximately 30 seconds.

Place your fillings on top of the warm, soft tortilla once it has been placed on a flat work surface. Here's where your burrito will either succeed or fail: No matter how carefully you fold it, it won't remain closed if you fill it too much. (However, nobody enjoys a skimpy tortilla.) Place the fillings evenly in the tortilla's center, forming a horizontal line while allowing a few inches of space on either side. Keep reading to know the next step of fold a burrito.

Step 2

Begin rolling after folding the sides. With your index fingers, fold each side of the burrito over the filling. The filler should now be rolled up. Continue tucking the sides in, folding the bottom of the tortilla over the filing with your thumbs as you roll it up.

Step 3

If using, cover the ends with a sauce before serving seam-side down. Use some mayonnaise or guacamole to seal the burrito's end if you have any on hand. Wrap the tortilla and place it seam-side down to serve or freeze (skip the guac if freezing). Follow these steps to successfully fold a burrito.

Tips for Successfully Folding a Burrito

To begin fold a burrito, warm the tortillas. Larger tortillas that have been warmed up just a bit make folding them considerably simpler and less likely to result in tearing or cracking. Use a flour tortilla that is 10 inches or larger. You can reheat it in the microwave for about 20 seconds or by heating it on a hot skillet for approximately 30 seconds on each side.

Don't put the filling exactly in the center. Instead of placing the filling exactly in the center of the tortilla, place it slightly closer to you. Place the tortilla approximately three-quarters of the way from the far end, but don't push it all the way to the end.

Imagine the steps happening almost simultaneously. Although a step-by-step guide instructs you to fold the ends in and then fold a burrito up, these actions are really performed in a fairly simultaneous manner. As you tuck the ends inside, roll the filling inside right away, keeping those tucked ends in place as you work.

To seal the ends, add some mayonnaise or guacamole. To assist seal the end of the burrito, We prefer to place a very thin coating of guacamole or Sriracha Mayonnaise on the other end of the tortilla. However, don't add too much that it pushes the seam apart!