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Tips for How to Clean a Leather Office Chair Newbies

1. Vacuuming should be the first step in cleaning any type of leather, cloth, or mesh office chair because these tend to attract dirt and dust. Leather office chairs often have tiny cracks from the stitching pattern, so be careful to clean between the holes and spaces.

2. After vacuuming, wipe your leather chair down with a wet cloth. Wiping down leather chairs will detach whatever sand and silt grains that were not hoovered up in the first step. Reduce a cloth with water and begin wiping down the chair, beginning with the seat and working your way up to the backrest as well as the chair legs.

3. Rub the baking soda deeply into the nooks and crannies of your leather chair with your hand. Make at least an hour for the baking soda to sit on the surface before hoovering it up, and start preparing the office chair.

4. To remove stains from your leather chair, mix a mild soap with water and a few drops of dish soap. Spray the solution wherever there are stains and smudge the spills away with a soft cloth.

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