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Amelia Wotson
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Why Should You Choose Opal As Your Engagement Ring

Opal is a vibrant Gemstone that shows a gorgeous play of colour and is formed from the water that is rich in silica. Opal is known as upala in Sanskrit, which means precious stone. Opal symbolises purity, hope, and amplification. The Gemstone has drawn admirers from both the present and the past with its lovely beauty. A sparkling gemstone with a wide range of colours is the opal. When set in Gemstone Jewelry with the Sterling Silver, opal transforms into a tool of power and beauty. Opal jewelry includes Opal Pendant, Opal Earrings, Opal Ring, Opal Necklace and Opal Bracelet. Opal is a stone that displays a mysterious performance and draws all onlookers to it. Opal has been featured in many tales and pieces of folklore because of its beauty and strength.

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