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Amelia Wotson
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Blue Topaz Meaning & Uses The Ultimate Guide

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Blue topaz is a silicate mineral and is composed of aluminium and fluorine. This exquisite gemstone has a captivating appearance and calming deep blue or pale blue tones. With its vitreous lustre, blue topaz is said to promote good communication and morality. Due to its exquisite look and many desirable qualities, natural blue topaz is a rare mineral that enjoys great popularity. For people who were born in the month of November, wearing Blue Topaz Jewelry is highly advised. Topaz is a durable gemstone with a Mohs hardness rating of 8, making it appropriate for daily use. This attractive gemstone is known as the stone of communication and clarity. Wearing the blue topaz jewelry would help you in channelling your inner wisdom and assist you in walking on the soul journey.

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