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Types Of Kitchen Granite Worktops

The safety and durability of your kitchen countertop depends not only on the material you choose but also on the cut you give to it!


One of the most modern approaches to granite kitchen countertops, these edges are rounded, simple and slightly larger on the edges compared to the top of the counter structure. It is not only simple to make what also quite easy to mount, saving on both time and cost.


Going for a very crisp and minimalist look, this type of an edge is seamless, shirt and fitted on the top in a visually stunning way. Mitered edges are easy to create on thick stone Cardiff like granite and marble. This is one of the most common interior choices seen in luxury kitchens.

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These edges, as suggested by the name itself, are angled towards the end giving a very accented and unique look to the top of the counter. There can be further subdivisions of this age using the common double bevel, top bevel etc.


Those who love experiment designs are going to go bonkers on this one! As opposite to a bevel, the edge of a Cove makes an inward curve instead of an outward one. Further, because of the gentleness of this edge there are no sharp ends. It is very family friendly and provides a modern, homely look to the kitchen.

Full Bullnose

This design is also family friendly simply because it does not have any short corners. Two of its edges are rounded outwards while the other two are cut straight down. This is asymmetrical but a simple profile and adds an everyday look to the kitchen.

Ogee Bullnose

The ogee Bullnose countertop edge combines an elegant S-curve, characteristic of the Ogee, with some asymmetrical rounded edges. This design type is known for blending sophistication and smoothness. It's classy yet practical—perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom!


Another experimental and unique way of doing countertop edges is the waterfall edge. In this method the sides of the stone are cut in such a way that it extends down seamlessly into the base. If you want to go for this look, make sure you purchase a stone top that is easily malleable - just like quartz. Visit our website for more information.

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Amaris Granite & Quartz
Welcome to Amaris Granite & Quartz, your premier destination for exquisite stone surfaces.