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Which is the best location to stay in Mussoorie

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Are you all stirred up and contemplating a trip to Mussoorie? Be at ease; we have the ideal vacation planned for you in the Mussoorie hills.

We have located a luxury resort in Mussoorie called Ataraxia-serenity in the woods for you to enjoy on this lovely trip. We have also put together a list of leisure activities you can participate in while staying at this resort in Mussoorie.

The best resort in Mussoorie

If you are wondering, then Ataraxia-serenity in the woods is one of the top boutique resorts in Mussoorie. This luxury resort in Mussoorie, which is 8 kilometres from the city centre, is furnished with the best amenities for a relaxing stay. The hotel offers everything from valet parking to 24-hour room service to a cosy coffee shop. It just takes an hour to get to the airport from this five-star hotel in Mussoorie. This is unquestionably a benefit for out-of-state visitors.

Beautiful location

Because of its serene setting amidst the verdant hills, Ataraxia is regarded as one of the best resorts in Mussoorie. Its tranquil surroundings surely scream for a lovely morning stroll or a cosy evening tea while admiring the lovely sunset between the hills. This hotel's breathtaking surroundings make for the ideal backdrop for your vacation photos and Instagram posts.

A Comfortable Place to Stay

The lodging at Ataraxia is among the best in all of Dehradun. You can select any lodging option from its deluxe room alternatives, including the premium jungle and mountain view room, the twin room with balcony, and the vertical garden view room, according to your needs and preferences. For you to truly savour the heavenly experience of the hills, all of the premium rooms in this luxury resort in Mussoorie have their own balconies, wooden outdoor furniture, king-sized beds, and huge windows.

Best dining in Mussoorie

The two on-site dining options at Ataraxia Osara and Jungle Court make it one of the top resorts in Mussoorie. You can choose from a variety of native foods at Osara, but its Pahadi Daal and Bhuna Gosht stand out above the others. While on your holiday, you can eat at Jungle Court and enjoy a wide selection of foreign food while taking in beautiful sunsets and the refreshing breeze from the hills.

Experiences within and near the resort

  • Bonfires

You can bond with people with delicious food and good music while gathering for warm bonfires in the resort.

  • Candle light dinner

A romantic dinner with dimming light from the candle is the best way to have a wonderful time with your partner within the resort.

  • Picnics

You can enjoy a bright day outside the resort and have a fun little picnic and enjoy outdoor activities.

  • Trekking

You can definitely live an adventurous day going trekking to nearby hills like Laal Tibba Scenic Point and many more and enjoy a marvelous sunset.

Recreational activities near the hotel

Ataraxia is among the top resorts in Mussoorie thanks to its proximity to numerous well-liked tourist destinations. Here are the best leisure pursuits you can engage in during your seven-day vacation.

  • A visit to Shree Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir
  • Ropeway wide to Bhatta Falls
  • An adventurous day at the Robber’s Cave
  • Sightseeing in Malsi Deer Park
  • A serene day at Tibetan Buddhist Temple
  • Witness the roaring Shikhar Fall
  • A holy dip in Sahastradhara

All these places are in close vicinity of Ataraxia in Mussoorie which saves you travel time.

We have no doubt that visiting Mussoorie would offer you more energy. Take some time off, spend a week at this top resort in Mussoorie, and take advantage of these world-class attractions to create lifelong memories.

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