Amardeep Chauhan
Amardeep Chauhan
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Luxury resort near Dehradun

We just got to know that you’re planning to spend your holidays in the beautiful hill station of Dehradun - Mussoorie. Don’t know where to book your stay? No worries, we got it all sorted out.

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Make reservations for your stay at Ataraxia- serenity in the woods, one of the top holiday resorts in Mussoorie, to add a little extra magic to this trip. It is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking luxury boutique resorts in the Dehradun area, close to the hill station of Mussoorie. It's a relaxing location to escape your routine and find inner serenity in the middle of nature.

Ataraxia is located 8 kilometres from the city centre and is surrounded on all four sides by the serenity of the woods. This makes it ideal not only for an early morning meditation session or a jungle trek but also for a soothing cup of tea in the evening after a day in town or a cosy holiday with your loved ones.

This luxury resort near Dehradun has become increasingly popular among tourists due to its many top-notch amenities, including its tranquil location, deluxe studio rooms, the ideal location for destination weddings amid nature, delicious gourmet food, a fancy coffee bar, 24/7 efficient room service, and the breathtaking surroundings.

Ataraxia's accommodations make it one of the best resorts in Mussoorie. They offer a variety of room options for your peaceful stay at the location. You can book any room, such as a vertical garden view room, a premium jungle and mountain view room, or a twin room with a terrace room, based on your needs and preferences. The hotel's premium jungle and mountain view rooms offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Each room has a private balcony, a separate sitting area, and comfortable wooden couches. The large windows and king-sized beds allow you to enjoy breathtaking views right from the comfort of your room.

Ataraxia also makes for the ideal location for any wedding festivities. Be it your pre-wedding shot or your 50th wedding anniversary, the hotel got it all covered. This is the best place one can choose to have a destination wedding in the foothills of Himalayas and have the peaceful, fun-filled wedding of their dream with nature’s blessing.

The resort also has two of its own gourmet restaurants, Osara and Jungle Court. Osara provides you with various options of mouthwatering local cuisines among which its Pahadi Daal and Bhuna Ghost stand out the most. Jungle Court offers you an impressive array of international cuisine where you can dine what you crave that day while enjoying the beautiful sunset between the mountains amidst the soothing breezes of the hill.

We should all start the new year fresh and re-energize our lives. So, this winter holiday, book a stay at this lovely holiday house in Mussoorie to warm up with your family. While relaxing at one of Mussoorie's premier resorts, you can simply participate in many magnificent leisure activities such as exploring the Robber's Cave, viewing deers in Malsi Deer Park, trekking along the Shikhar Fall, enjoying the ropeway ride over Sahastradhara, and many more. We are confident that your memories of your stay at this lovely vacation home in Mussoorie, as well as the breathtaking tourist attractions, will last a lifetime.