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If you are a new joiner in creating customized projects, then Design Space software will brush up your creative skills.
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What is the Difference in Cricut Machines? [Head-To-Head]

A Cricut machine is known for its ability to cut many materials. The Maker 3 is especially a great powerful machine that can cut 300+ different types of materials. Due to its powerful motor, it can cut wood with exact precision and accuracy. Further, the users need to know the settings and tools for cutting wood with Cricut Maker 3. So, this blog will talk about working with wood and the proper cutting steps using a Cricut machine.

Different Types of Wood to Use With Cricut Maker 3

So, now that you know Maker 3 can cut wood, you might be asking the next question. What kind of wood can I cut with a Maker 3 machine? Here are some wood types you can cut with your Cricut machine.

  • Balsa Wood is a type of wood that is very soft and brittle so that it can break easily. It comes with 1/32,1/16/, and 3/32 inches.
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Types of Wood
  • Basswood is a type of wood that is more suitable for making projects. This type of crafting wood can be easily found at your local craft store.
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Cricut Maker 3
  • Cricut directly offers Cricut Veneer, this material for doing projects.
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Cutting Wood With Cricut Maker 3

Steps Involved in Cutting Wood With Cricut Maker 3

After learning about the types of wood you can use with Cricut, we will move on to finding how to cut it. Before cutting the wood, the tool you need here is a knife blade. The blade is beneficial to use. Also, you need to calibrate the blade before using it for the first time.

  1. The very first step is to add the wood to your Cricut StrongGrip mat.
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Cricut Maker 3
  1. After that, you must prepare your design using the Cricut Design Space software.
  2. Later, it is important to mirror the image before the machine cuts the wood.
  3. After that, prepare your Cricut Maker machine.
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Cricut Design Space
  1. Next, you need to push the white wheels of the machine to the right side.
  2. Once Maker 3 starts cutting the design on wood, you need to ensure that the machine passes the calculated time.
  3. At the halfway mark, you can check the cuts. Just press the pause button on the machine to check the cut.
  4. For that, you can pick up an edge using a Weeding tool and check if the wood is cut through.
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Play Cricut machine
  1. Further, If you find that the wood is not cut through, press the Play button on your Maker device to keep running the cut.
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Wood Crafts
  1. Now, let the machine cut the wood with the design completely.
  2. Once the wood is completely cut through, you can remove the material and mat from the machine.
  3. Finally, you should carefully remove the wood from the mat. And slowly peel up the mat from the wood so there isn’t any breakage.
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Cricut machine setup

Tips and Tricks for Wood Crafts

After knowing how to cut wood with a Cricut Maker 3 machine, it is good to know what are the other aspects that are important to know. So, these tips and tricks will help you get better results with wood crafts.

  • Sometimes, the blade gets stuck, the machine stops, and an error appears on the screen. To fix this issue, blow around the blade, which will remove any loose debris. Further, hit the C button to resume the cut again.
  • The design that the machine is cutting must be less complex; otherwise, the complex design will take a longer time to cut.
  • Further, if you notice any small pieces coming out but want the machine to continue cutting, you can pause the Cricut cutting machine and take off those pieces from the mat.


Cutting wood with Cricut Maker 3 is simple, but for a beginner, it can seem to be a bit confusing. The Maker 3 machine is a powerful machine that can easily cut wood. So, In this blog, you will get to know about what types of wood you can cut using Maker 3. Also, the types of blades are compatible with these materials. Plus, the list of steps to make a perfect wooden cut.


Which blade do I need to use for cutting wood with Cricut Maker?

If you are cutting wood with Cricut Maker 3, you can use a knife blade. The knife blade can easily cut different types of wood. The blade uses white star wheels giving it the clearance for thicker materials and ensuring track-free marks on the project. Additionally, it is also best for cutting thicker and much denser materials. So, it is perfect for cutting wood.

Can I cut the Chipboard with the Maker 3 machine?

No, you cannot cut the Chipboard with a Cricut machine. It is because Chipboard is not a natural wood, and it is manufactured. Also, it is made by gluing compressed wood chips and sawdust together. It is not dense or tough enough to handle the pressure of a Cricut machine. So, you must use only Balsa wood, Basswood, and Cricut Veneer.

Should I use a LightGrip or StrongGrip mat for wood cutting?

Since the wood is dense, you need to use a Strong Grip mat. It is because the Strong Grip mat has the strongest level of adhesive designed to be used with heavyweight materials. The adhesive on the purple mat is really strong. Making it the perfect mat for materials having a dense weight.

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If you are a new joiner in creating customized projects, then Design Space software will brush up your creative skills.