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If you are a new joiner in creating customized projects, then Design Space software will brush up your creative skills.
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Top 5 Cricut Home Decor Projects to Beautify Your Space

Cricut is a great cutting machine that can be used for crafting and decor projects. You can make custom signs, t-shirts, mugs, and many more. Also, you can use the Cricut machine to bring new additions to your home by creating stunning decor pieces. Further, adding personal touches to your bedroom, kitchen, or garden will brighten the place. There are endless possible ways to create a decor piece, and we will discuss the top 5 Cricut home decor projects you can make by yourself today.

1. Home Sign

Crafting a personalized home sign with the house number, initials of your name, or family’s name is a great project. You can use many materials for these projects, such as vinyl, wood, or leather. Further, you can attach the sign on the door or on top of it. It is for sure going to look wonderful once it is on display.

Another important point to note is that since the sign will be kept outside for the display, it needs to be long-lasting. That’s why you need to ensure the material you use can weather and is waterproof. So, it is recommended to use permanent vinyl, wood, or thin metal sheets.

2. Personal Calendar

Everyone likes an attractive-looking calendar that motivates them to plan and work accordingly. It is also helpful to remember all the important dates and day-to-day tasks. Also, you can attach them to your refrigerator or keep them on your workstation.

Further, you can use Cricut dry-erase vinyl or Smart Vinyl for this project. The purpose of using dry-erase vinyl is that it is temporary and removable, so you change it monthly.

3. Drawer Labels

Labeling drawers is great for organizing and reducing the confusion of keeping the items. You can use materials like vinyl or paper. Also, make stickers so that it will be easy to attach the labels to the drawers. You can make labels for your kitchen and label the spice box and groceries boxes.

Further, label the boxes of your stationery supplies. Cricut Joy is a great machine for making labels and stickers. You can even use different fonts for different purposes. The reason to add labels to decor ideas is because of their flexibility.

4. Home Decals

If your workstation is set against a blank wall, make a wall decal to add beauty. With Cricut home decor projects adding details to your plain walls, you can use removable vinyl. It is because the removable vinyl will help easily change the decor piece.

You can use any Cricut machine for this project, as all the machines are made to cut with high precision. You can cut your favorite quote, your role model’s name, or your dream goal and attach the material to your wall.

5. Cushion Cover

You can use Infusible Ink material and create many Cricut home decor projects. The projects can include making coasters or mugs. Also, you can make personalized cushion covers. You can make it an easy project with Cricut Maker and Design Space.

Further, you can use cotton material as it helps better ink fusion. Also, you can do this project with Cricut Explore Air 2. However, insert the Bonded Fabric Point Blade into the machine.


Decorating your home is always fun as it creates a more emotional connection with the place. Also, you and your family will feel safe and comfortable knowing that all the decorations are set according to their wish. So, keeping that in mind, you will find five Cricut home decor projects. You can use the ideas from this blog and do projects that can help organize homes or add a layer of beauty to the interiors.


What is Cricut Infusible Ink?

Infusible ink is a part of Cricut’s materials to achieve pro-levels to project finish, unlike the iron-On or vinyl, where the material is attached to the fabric using adhesive. The Infusible Ink sublimates and becomes one with the material itself. So, the results are beautiful. Also, it will never flake, peel, or wrinkle.

What is Bonded Fabric?

The Bonded fabric is a type of fabric that has a double-sided adhesive attached to it. The material on one side is attached to the fabric, while the other is to the mat. The material allows you to attach the fabric to another fabric without the help of sewing or gluing. Also, Maker can cut bonded and non-bonded material; Cricut Explore only cuts bonded fabric

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Amara Google
If you are a new joiner in creating customized projects, then Design Space software will brush up your creative skills.