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5 Warning Signs You Need Roofing Services Now!

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The roof of your home is a crucial part of its structure and needs to be maintained to keep it from deteriorating. What are the signs that you should call the best roofers in League City, TX, or the best roofers in Pearland, TX, for assistance?

Here are five warning signs: you need to call the Best Roofers in League City immediately!

1. Shingle Damage

If you notice any broken, missing, or cracked shingles on your roof, this could indicate underlying damage that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. This can also lead to water leakage and other issues if not taken care of quickly.

2. Moss Growing

When moss begins growing on your roof, it’s usually an indication of a lot of moisture in your attic and other areas. This can cause mold growth, but the moss will also hold onto moisture and worsen the problem over time. Getting this taken care of quickly is important before more serious damage occurs.

3. Water Leaks

Even small leaks can cause major problems if left unchecked for too long. If you have noticed any water stains on your ceiling or walls, contact an expert for help immediately! The sooner these are addressed, the better off your home will be in the long run!

4. Ice Dams

Living in a cold region, especially ice dams can become a real problem if they aren’t dealt with quickly and properly. Ice dams are caused by melting snow collecting at the roof's edge and refreezing into ice when temperatures drop again at night. This creates a barrier that prevents melting snow from draining off the roof like it should and instead pools up on top of it, causing further damage over time if not taken care of.

5. Missing Flashing

Flashing protects areas such as chimneys, skylights, valleys, and eaves by preventing water from seeping through cracks or joints during heavy rainstorms or snowfall events. Without flashing properly installed and secured around these areas, there is potential for serious damage inside your home, so make sure you contact a reliable Roof Repair Company immediately if any flashing appears missing or damaged on your property!


Your home’s roof is one of its most important structural components, so you must take good care of it by addressing any issues as soon as they arise!

Keep an eye out for signs such as shingle damage, moss growth, water leakage spots, and ice dams forming at edges of roofs during winter months, and ensure all flashing around chimneys/skylights/etc.

It has been securely fastened down; doing so will help keep your home safe from harm for years to come!