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Why Should the Collar with Leash in the Neck/Back of the Dog

Today we are going to discuss why should the collar with leash in the neck/back of the dog? The reason behind it is that some dogs are very aggressive they try to bite all the unknown people who enter their house the dogs are pit-bull, doggo and Rottweiler are very aggressive dogs there are many other aggressive dogs like that. No doubt there are many dogs that are family dogs like a Labrador retriever, pug, and golden retriever. But they are also angry when unknown people disturb it. That's why the leash is very essential for dogs if you are fond of dogs. The dog's collars are also a sign of domestic dogs. If dogs go outside then people understand that it is the domestic dogs the dog bred by someone. So if you want to comply with a pet dog then the collar with a leash is very important for your dog.

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The 2" Tactik Collar (Rose)
The 2" Tactik Collar (Rose)00:43

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