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Auto Uniform Conveyor for Hotel– Better Manage Staff Uniforms

Managing the day to day storage and retrieval of employee uniforms in large Hotels and hospitals can be a challenge. Because of a lot of works, each employee needs to have quick and easy access their own assigned uniform and the clothing must be stored and delivered in a way that maintains the fresh, neat and tidy look of each garment.

Most businesses in the hospitality sector use some sort of system to better manage uniforms. The auto uniform conveyor system makes it a lot easier to manage these uniforms and ensure no uniform go missing or get misplaced. Today, a large number of leading hotels and restaurant chains rely on auto uniform conveyors to make sure that their staff look impeccable and presentable every minute of the day.

Purchasing automated uniform conveyors for hotel will maximizes storage capacity of hanging garments. The enclosed track overhead conveyor system takes advantage of space above the normal reach for storage and eliminates the need for access aisles, since the clothing items can be brought to a desired location for loading or unloading. Such conveyor systems are designed to best meet various levels of automation based on your specific needs and budget.

Auto Uniform Conveyor systems automatically retrieve their pre-assigned uniform/locker bag. Once the employee has changed or completed their shift, the employee has the facility to simply re-swipes or enter the employee ID number and there pre-assigned designated slot will present itself for the employee ID number and there pre-assigned designated slot will present itself for the employee to return the uniform/locker bag. The loading of the clean uniforms are performed by an attendant who scans the barcode or RFID chip allowing the conveyor to automatically advance to that employees dedicated spot for loading. The system also tracks daily activities, inventory, cleaning, purchasing, selling and repairs/alterations of uniforms.

Overhead clothing conveyor ensure a high-performance automated storage system, garments sorting and handling process that reduces human resources in a customer service chain. These systems offer automated storage system, garment arranging and taking care of procedures that decreases human resource in a client care chain.

Innovation in technology have made manufacturers develop the most advanced clothing conveyors including face recognition access systems, automated systems by RFID Cards access or merely by cell numbers. These systems are excellent for use during pandemic and the spread of viruses because they exclude contacts between people and use contactless access technology.

Overhead clothing conveyor ensure easy and fast handling of clean uniforms. Once daily, uniforms are loaded onto the system. Usually, the manual load station is equipped with three modes including standard speed, slow continuous and bi-directional.

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