Aloe Hydrate
Aloe Hydrate
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Aloe Moisturizer for Pets–Promote Skin of Your Adorable Pet

Aloe Vera has a multitude of benefits for humans. It plays key role in treating skin problems and certain inflammatory conditions. Aloe Vera is also safe for pets in certain forms and hence it’s the responsibility of pet parents to educate themselves in the use of this versatile succulent.

Rich in minerals like calcium, potassium and iron, the aloe plant can be used on the skin and taken orally. Vitamins A, C and E are contained within the plant’s gel and it is known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

The anti-fungal properties of aloe vera make it ideal for the skin of your pets at home. If your pup is suffering from dry skin, eczema or bug bite, you can apply a thin layer of moisturizer on their body. Make sure to use organic aloe vera for your pet skin moisturizers. The naturally active ingredients like pure Hyaluronic acid for our hyaluronic acid facial serum, NaPCA for our NaPCA spray, vitamin supplements and Ceramide for deeply hydrating Aloe vera Moisturizer with Ceramide and Vitamins.

Aloe Vera moisturizer for pets is safe and effective. It soothes skin irritations like hot spots, reduces pet breath and promotes a shiny coat. The non-oily hydrating aloe vera moisturizing spray is ideal for your pets including dogs and cats. Rich in nutrients, humectants and organic Aloe vera juice, it deeply hydrates your pets’ skin and coat to moisturize, nourish, soothe irritations, and stimulate healing for healthier skin and a more lustrous shiny coat. The aloehydrate products are naturally effective, pure and simple. The best thing is that aloe vera spray for pets is safe and effective. It mesmerizingly soothes and helps heal skin irritations like hot spots in dogs, reduces bad bet breath and promotes a shiny coat.

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Hyaluronic acid facial serum easily nourishes & revitalizes dull & dry hair break through herbal moisturizing formula with a special blend of Aloe Vera & other prestigious herbal agents which strengthens hair roots and ensures healthy skin. Purchasing best quality moisturizers provide a clean, healthy appearance to pets.

The advanced conditioner with Aloe helps in smoothening your pet’s coat by penetrating the upper skin layer within few hours. Regular moisturizing your skin will help to keep your pet look healthy and feeling great. If you pets have been experiencing really itchy problems then use medicated or alternative pesticide shampoo’s prior conditioning. Depending upon your needs, you can use the direct or dilute moisturizer.

The advanced aloe moisturizer for pet helps to get better result in comparison to any hot oil treatment. It deep penetrates your pet skin and ensures to maintain a healthy coat and skin. Ideal for irritated skin, this product ensure fast acting and trusted relief.

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