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Best 3 WooCommerce Plugins To Improve Your Store Functionality

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Are you ready to take your WooCommerce store to new heights in 2024? The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and staying competitive requires leveraging the latest tools and technologies. To guide you on this journey, we’ve compiled a list of the best WooCommerce extensions designed to drive more sales and enhance your e-commerce experience.

What is WooCommerce? & Why Should You Use It?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin designed specifically for WordPress. It enables users to create and manage online stores directly from their WordPress websites. Offering a wide array of features, WooCommerce supports product listings, inventory management, secure payments, shipping options, and customizable store designs. It is highly extensible, with numerous themes and plugins available to enhance functionality, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes looking to establish a robust online presence.

You should use WooCommerce because it offers a highly customizable and scalable solution for creating an online store. Being open-source, it integrates seamlessly with WordPress, allowing for extensive customization through various themes and plugins. WooCommerce supports multiple payment gateways, shipping options, and comprehensive inventory management, making it adaptable to a wide range of business needs. Its user-friendly interface and robust community support ensure that even those with limited technical expertise can effectively manage their online stores. Additionally, WooCommerce is cost-effective, as the core plugin is free, with various extensions available to enhance functionality as needed.

2 Best WooCommerce Plugins By Addify In 2024:

Addify offers two notable WooCommerce plugins WooCommerce Advanced Product Quantity and WooCommerce Advanced Free Gifts. The "Advanced Product Quantity" plugin empowers merchants with nuanced control over product quantities, allowing them to set minimum and maximum purchase limits, regulate quantity increments, and even implement bulk purchase discounts. On the other hand, the "Advanced Free Gifts" plugin facilitates the provision of complimentary items or promotional gifts to customers based on specific conditions, such as minimum purchase thresholds or specific products in the cart. These plugins serve to enhance the functionality of WooCommerce stores, enabling businesses to optimize their sales strategies and improve the overall shopping experience for their customers.


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The WooCommerce Advanced Free Gifts Plugin empowers online store owners with a dynamic solution to elevate sales and enrich customer experiences through strategic gifting incentives. With this plugin, businesses can effortlessly entice customers to make more purchases by offering enticing free gifts based on customizable conditions and rules. Whether it's automatically adding gifts to carts or allowing customers to select their preferred freebies, the plugin provides versatility and control. From buy-one-get-one-free promotions to offering gifts based on specific products, categories, user roles, or cart quantities, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, the plugin ensures fairness and exclusivity by limiting customers to receiving certain gifts only once in their lifetime. With features like gift quantity control, customer gift selection, and admin-sent gifts, managing promotional campaigns becomes seamless. Supported by a robust technical foundation and offering reliable support and updates, the WooCommerce Advanced Free Gifts Plugin is a must-have tool for WooCommerce stores seeking to enhance sales, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

What's In The Package:

  1. Automated or Manual Gift Addition: Seamlessly add gifts to carts automatically or allow customers to select their preferred gifts from the cart page.
  2. One-time Gift Eligibility: Ensure fairness and exclusivity by limiting customers to receiving specific gifts only once in their lifetime.
  3. Flexible Gifting Rules: Tailor gift offerings based on various conditions such as product or category, user roles, cart quantity, or amount.
  4. Versatile Promotional Strategies: Implement buy-one-get-one-free, buy-X-get-Y-free, buy-X-get-Y-and-Z-free, or buy-Y-and-Z-get-X-free promotions with ease.
  5. Customizable Gift Quantity: Control the quantity of gifts offered, whether fixed, variable, or based on the number of items purchased.
  6. Customer Gift Selection: Allow customers to choose their preferred gift from a dropdown menu, enhancing their shopping experience.
  7. Admin-Sent Gifts: Send gifts manually from the admin panel, enabling personalized customer interactions.
  8. Gift History Log: Maintain a detailed record of all gifts sent, providing transparency and accountability.

Pricing Plans:

  • Price: $4.92 per month, billed annually at $59.
  • Support: Includes 1 year of free support and updates.
  • Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.


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WooCommerce Advanced Product Quantity is a plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the popular WooCommerce platform for WordPress. It provides users with advanced options for managing product quantities, allowing for greater flexibility and control over inventory management. With this plugin, merchants can set minimum and maximum quantity limits for products, enabling them to enforce purchasing rules and prevent over- or under-ordering. Additionally, it offers dynamic pricing options based on quantity, enabling businesses to implement tiered pricing strategies and incentivize customers to buy in bulk. This plugin is particularly useful for e-commerce businesses looking to optimize their sales strategies and streamline their inventory management processes within the WooCommerce ecosystem.

What's In The Package:

  1. Multiple Types of Restrictions: Set minimum and maximum order quantities based on products and categories, including interval-based restrictions, fixed quantities, and pre-defined quantity dropdowns.
  2. Quantity Based Restrictions: Add multiple rules to create quantity-based restrictions for products, categories, or user roles.
  3. Product and Cart Level Restrictions: Apply restrictions at both the product and cart levels, including setting different quantity limits for product variations and excluding specific products or categories from cart-level restrictions.
  4. Technical Compatibility: Compatible with WordPress versions 4.0.0 or higher and WooCommerce versions 3.5.0 or higher, with support for multi-site installations and translation into multiple languages.
  5. Customization Options: Show quantity fields on listing pages, display custom error messages when restrictions are triggered, and set different quantity restrictions for different user roles.

Pricing Plans:

  • Price: $4.92 per month, billed annually at $59.
  • Support: 1 year of free support and extension updates.
  • Guarantee: Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for full refunds for any reason, ensuring buyer protection.

3. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing And Discounts

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The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount plugin is a versatile tool designed to enhance eCommerce stores by offering a range of flexible pricing strategies and discounts. It allows store owners to implement bulk pricing, role-based pricing, category and product-specific discounts, BOGO offers, and cart discounts. Additionally, it supports scheduled discounts, customer-specific pricing, and conditional discounts based on various criteria. By providing these features, the plugin helps increase sales, foster customer loyalty, manage inventory, and maintain a competitive edge. Configuring these dynamic pricing rules is straightforward through the WooCommerce admin interface, making it a powerful addition to any WooCommerce store.

What's In The Package:

  1. Conditional Discounts and Free Gifts: Create rules to offer discounts and free gifts based on specific conditions.
  2. Multiple Discount Rules: Apply discounts at both product and cart levels.
  3. Order Value and Quantity-Based Discounts: Set discounts based on order value, quantity, and other criteria.
  4. Customer and User Role-Specific Discounts: Tailor discounts for specific customers and user roles.
  5. Tiered Pricing Table: Display a tiered pricing table to encourage bulk purchases, ideal for B2B customers.
  6. Time and Amount-Based Restrictions: Limit discounts based on minimum order amounts and specific time periods.
  7. Priority Management for Rules: Set priorities to manage multiple discount rules effectively.
  8. Custom Discount Messages: Notify customers of discounts through custom messages to encourage purchase completion.

Pricing Plans:

  • Price: $8.25 per month, billed annually at $99.
  • Support: 1 year of free support and extension updates.
  • Guarantee: Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for full refunds for any reason, ensuring buyer protection.


Q.1) Can I use these plugins with any WordPress theme?

Ans) Yes, both the WooCommerce Advanced Free Gifts and WooCommerce Advanced Product Quantity plugins are designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Q.2) Are there any limitations on the number of gifts I can offer with the Advanced Free Gifts plugin?

Ans) No, you can offer an unlimited number of gifts with the Advanced Free Gifts plugin. The plugin provides flexibility in setting up gift offerings based on various conditions and rules.

Q.3) Can I customize the appearance of the quantity fields and error messages with the Advanced Product Quantity plugin?

Ans) Yes, the Advanced Product Quantity plugin offers customization options to tailor the appearance of quantity fields on listing pages and display custom error messages when restrictions are triggered, providing a personalized user experience.

Q.4) What happens if I encounter technical issues or need assistance with the plugins?

Ans) Both plugins come with 1 year of free support and updates, ensuring that you can reach out for assistance if you encounter any technical issues or have questions about their usage.


In conclusion, embracing WooCommerce extensions like the Advanced Free Gifts, Advanced Product Quantity and WooCommerce Dynamic pricing & Discount plugins from Addify can revolutionize your e-commerce strategy in 2024. With powerful features such as customizable gifting incentives and nuanced control over product quantities, these plugins offer versatile solutions to enhance sales, enrich customer experiences, and streamline inventory management. Backed by robust technical support and a money-back guarantee, investing in these plugins is a surefire way to elevate your WooCommerce store's performance and stay ahead in the evolving digital landscape.