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Alexa cena
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Trillion-shaped Diamond Rings That Are Unexpectedly Gorgeous

If you’re the type of bride who is looking for engagement rings in Winter Park, FL that are unique, stunning, and striking then trillion diamond rings are the ideal choice. These diamonds are unlike the modern round or oval cuts you find and offer a unique and distinctive feel.

While they can be used as accent gemstones or side stones to radiant or emerald cuts, they also look beautiful when set as the center stone. You can either set this gemstone in a three- or two-stone setting, a double band, or a prong setting for a beautiful shine and fire.

Reasons to love trillion diamonds

One of the main reasons to love trillion wedding rings in Winter Park, FL is that these gemstones are quite rare and only worn by a handful of brides making them unique and highly sought-after.

Not only this but these diamonds offer you a ton of fire and shine and can also hide small flaws and inclusions well. They are highly durable and great for daily wear and if diamonds aren’t your style, you can also opt for colored gemstones like rubies or sapphires for a pop of color.

Most jewelers will advise you to always set your trillion diamonds in a secure and protective setting so that the edges are kept safe from any accidental knocks or bangs as the edges of the diamond can be susceptible if handled roughly.

Your local jewelry store in Winter Park, FL will tell you to choose options like a bezel, prong, or even a halo to add some extra shine and protection to your diamond. If this isn’t possible then ask for a trillion with rounded edges as they won’t be as susceptible to damage.

Wrapping Up

Trillion gemstones are stunning and perfect for brides that are looking to step outside the box. These diamonds are great for bold and sophisticated personalities and are a great way to showcase your style.