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Eye-Catching Alexandrite Rings You Should Propose With

If you’re the type of bride who loves engagement rings in Winter Park, FL that are mysterious, unique, and sophisticated then alexandrite is the ideal choice for you.

This gemstone has a beautiful color-changing shade and is quite rare making it extremely sought-after by brides as it pairs perfectly with their style and personality preferences. It’s great for couples looking for something unique rather than something mainstream.

Reasons to love alexandrite

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of brides tend to love these wedding rings in Winter Park, FL is that it stands out among a sea of colorless diamonds. This gemstone feels a bit more expensive, exclusive, and classy and if you love anything rare and unique this is the ideal gemstone for you.

Your alexandrite gemstones rate an eight-point five on the Mohs scale making them tough and great for daily wear. If you lead an active and outgoing lifestyle or work a lot with your hands then this can be the ideal gemstone for you.

Just keep in mind that you cannot compare your Alexandrian to a diamond, as people choose diamonds for their fire and brilliance and Alexandrian for their unique color-changing abilities.

Always head to a reliable and trusted jewelry store in Winter Park, FL that can offer you a range of beautiful pieces. Your jeweler will advise you to set your Alexandrian center stone in yellow gold to bring out the red or warmer purple tones or platinum if you’re looking to showcase the green and bluer tones.

Wrapping Up

Ensure that you take your gemstone ring to a professional jeweler to clean, repair, and maintain it so that it looks new and shiny for years to come. Your jeweler will polish the gemstone, tighten the setting, and buff the metal for you.

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