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Your Gateway to West Africa: Air Senegal at JFK Terminal 1

Planning a trip to West Africa? Air Senegal's services at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) make the journey easier and more comfortable. As Senegal's national airline, Air Senegal offers direct flights from New York to Dakar, providing a seamless travel experience. Here's a comprehensive guide to flying with Air Senegal from JFK Terminal 1.

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Location and Access to Terminal 1

Air Senegal operates out of Terminal 1 at JFK, a hub known for its international flight services. This terminal is equipped to handle the needs of global travelers, offering a range of amenities and services. Whether you're arriving from within the U.S. or starting your journey in New York, reaching Terminal 1 is simple thanks to JFK’s various transportation options like taxis, rideshares, buses, and the AirTrain.

Streamlined Check-in and Boarding

Check-in Options
Air Senegal provides multiple check-in options to suit your preferences. Online check-in via the Air Senegal website or mobile app lets you select your seat and receive your boarding pass ahead of time, reducing the wait at the airport. If you prefer to check in at the terminal, Air Senegal’s counters in Terminal 1 are clearly marked and staffed with helpful personnel ready to assist you. To ensure a smooth process, aim to arrive at least three hours before your international flight.

Terminal 1 Amenities and Services

Shopping and Dining
Terminal 1 is designed to make your wait enjoyable and productive. You'll find a variety of duty-free shops, dining options catering to different tastes, and comfortable seating areas. Charging stations are available for your electronic devices, and free Wi-Fi ensures you stay connected.

For a more relaxed pre-flight experience, Terminal 1 offers several lounges. Depending on your ticket class or frequent flyer status, you might have access to these lounges, where you can enjoy complimentary refreshments, comfortable seating, and a peaceful environment.

Smooth Flight Connections

Efficient Transfers
If JFK is a layover on your journey, Air Senegal makes connecting to other flights straightforward. Terminal 1’s layout facilitates quick transfers, and the airport's efficient shuttle services can transport you to other terminals if needed. Be sure to check your connecting flight details in advance and allow enough time for security checks and terminal transfers.

Customs and Immigration

Quick and Easy Process
Upon arriving at JFK, you'll go through U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Terminal 1 is well-equipped to manage large volumes of international passengers, helping to expedite the process. Having your travel documents ready and correctly filled out can help speed up your passage through customs and immigration.

Why Choose Air Senegal?

Exceptional Service and Comfort
Flying with Air Senegal means experiencing warm Senegalese hospitality. The airline offers top-notch service, comfortable seating, and a taste of West African culture and cuisine on board. Whether traveling for business or leisure, Air Senegal ensures a memorable and pleasant journey.


With Air Senegal’s operations at JFK Terminal 1, traveling to West Africa is now more accessible and convenient than ever. Enjoy streamlined check-in processes, a variety of amenities, and smooth connections, all designed to enhance your travel experience. Book your flight today and embark on an unforgettable journey with Air Senegal.