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Australiarxmeds is one of the online drugstores, which makes it easy to get the best quality medicines. It is one of the superior pharmacies to get safe and ef
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Aurogra 100Mg Tablets - Australiarxmeds

What is the Aurogra 100mg

Aurogra 100 carries Sildenafil Citrate as a lively element, just like Viagra. It is a medicinal product used to treat ED (Erectile Dysfunction) issues. It belongs to a class of medication known as phosphodiesterase kind 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. Aurogra 100mg works by growing blood waft in your penis, which allows you to get and keep an erection.

How to use Aurogra 100mg

· The pill is to be taken orally. It is suggested to tackle a complete belly to lessen the effect of aspect outcomes attached to this tablet

· In case the dose is overlooked, take the following dose before half-hour of sexual sex

· Do not over-devour the drug to increase the erection. It can reason drastic detrimental effects

· No need of taking this medication each day, have it simplest as soon as in the afternoon that too before intercourse

Who shouldn’t use Aurogra 100mg

This medicinal drug isn't suitable for patients who:

· Take drugs containing nitrates together with, Nicorandil as this can reduce your blood stress to a dangerous degree.

· Is the usage of any drugs called nitric oxide donors, inclusive of amyl nitrate which is frequently used recreationally?

· Are allergic to sildenafil or every other component indexed in the patient statistics leaflet?

· Suffer from extreme heart or liver troubles.

· Have these days had a stroke or heart attack

· Have an extraordinary inherited eye disorder referred to as retinitis pigmentosa

· Have ever suffered a lack of vision because of non-arteritic ischaemic optic neuropathy?

· Have suffered priapism (extended painful erection) or suffer from anatomical deformations of the penis, for instance, Peyronie’s disease and Cavernosal Fibrosis.

· Sildenafil drugs have to be used with warning in patients who be afflicted by low blood stress.

Side Effects

Aurogra 100mg does now not motivate any undesirable facet effects. But it can cause a number of them due to drug or disease interplay,

or in case you do now not follow the health practitioner’s commands, Therefore go through the drug/disease interplay listing earlier than consuming the drugs.

The possible undesirable facet outcomes are as follows:-

· nosebleeds

· headaches

· disenchanted stomach

· flushing (reddening and warming of the face)

· problem napping

· fever

· an erection that lasts longer than every day

· respiration infection

· nausea

· vomiting

· bronchitis

· sore throat

· runny nose

Less Common

· Pain in the bladder

· The burning sensation inside the chest or belly

· Blood in urine

· Frequently urinating

· Indigestion

· Stomach upset and pain

· Pain even as urinating

· Dizziness

· Feeling of numbness, crawling, itching, numbness

Rare side effects

· Loss of vision

· Anxiety

· Bleeding in the eye

· Pain inside the bone and chest

· Cold sweat

· Convulsions(seizures)

· Cool and faded skin

· Lack of attention

· Dryness of the mouth

· Fever

· Mental melancholy

· Seizures

· Drowsiness

· Excessive starvation

· Fever or chills

· Increased thirst and sweating

· Nightmares

· Prolonged, painful erection of the penis

· Sensitivity to light

· Shakiness

· Skin ulcers

· Sore throat

· Twitching of the muscle groups

alex bon
Australiarxmeds is one of the online drugstores, which makes it easy to get the best quality medicines. It is one of the superior pharmacies to get safe and ef