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Why is My JavaScript Not Working?

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JS is the powerhouse behind the user-interaction on your website. However, it is prone to errors and bugs that make developers frown. Often, these errors can be fixed by using the debugger in your browser. In this article, we will discuss the various reasons why your java script may not be working in chrome.

Check the script> tag

The script> tag is used to embed scripting code such as problem with javascript into HTML web pages. It can also be used to include external script files through the src attribute. Using script> tags in your web pages can increase the load speed of your site. However, it is important to note that the script> tag is render-blocking, meaning that it must be parsed and executed before other elements such as images are loaded. It is best to place the script> tag in the head> of your page, as this will reduce loading time and improve user experience.

The script> tag supports several global attributes that can influence its behavior. These include the async attribute, which causes a script to be executed asynchronously. It also supports the defer attribute, which postpones a script’s execution until all of the page’s contents are ready. Finally, the nonce attribute allows you to provide a one-time string that confirms that a given script has not been modified during download.

Check the DOM

DOM errors can be hard to find because the code is so complex. It can take hours of googling and debugging to understand why it’s not working. If you’re not familiar with DOM, it’s a complicated web object that represents the page’s content in HTML and JS.

When the DOM is incorrect, you will receive an error in the Chrome Developer Console. The error message will state that you tried to read a property or call a method on an undefined object. This is an error that occurs because the DOM is not loaded correctly.

To check if the DOM is correct, open the Chrome DevTools and select a node in the DOM tree. Then, right-click the node and select Inspect. This will open the DOM Editor and display the node in the viewport. The node should have the == $0 text next to it, meaning you can reference it in the Console using the variable $0.

Check the src attribute

The src attribute is an HTML attribute that identifies the URL of an external file. It’s often used in conjunction with the img, frame, iframe, and script elements. When a page loads, the browser retrieves the external file and inserts it into the page.

If the src attribute is missing or incorrect, it can cause JavaScript to not load properly. This may also prevent Formidable form features such as conditional logic, calculations, and date fields from working correctly.

The src attribute is important because it’s how the browser knows which script to execute. If the src attribute is incorrect, the script won’t load and may cause other problems on your website. To correct the error, open the browser’s developer console (CTRL shift j on a PC or CMD shift j on a Mac) and check for any errors. If you find an error, correct it and test the script again. This will resolve the problem and allow the JS to load properly.

Check the js file

As any experienced programmer knows, itas one of the most frustrating moments in programming when your code doesnat run at all. Often, itas simply because you spelled a command (like alert in the first script above) wrong, or forgot to include both an opening and closing punctuation markalike a single-quote or parenthesesa.

The script> tag is regular HTML, and acts like a switch that says aHey, web browser, here comes some JavaScript; you donat know what to do with it, so hand it off to the JS interpreter. When the script> tag is closed, the browser knows itas reached the end of the script and can return to its normal duties.

To find out why your JS program isnat working, open the Chrome developer tools by pressing Cmd or Ctrl + D. Then, click the center panelas Errors button to set a breakpoint at line 51. When you refresh the page, the browser will pause execution at that point, and the right-hand panel will display details of the error that caused it.