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Helping Your Child With Autism Do Their Homework

No student enjoys doing their homework. After all, after spending a busy day at school – they want to be able to dedicate their time to something a little more relaxing or fun, such as exploring their special interests or hobbies. However, for children with autism or related disorders, completing their homework could present them with a number of different challenges that they must combat.

While the school year may be behind us, many teachers chose to set their student’s work to complete over the holidays. If not, it’s important that they develop these skills in time for the new academic year.

With that in mind, here are some tips that you can use to help your child complete their homework (without the stress).

Add it to your calendar.

Autism and other developmental disabilities prefer to stick to a certain routine – so you should ensure that homework is part of their schedule. For example, they could spend an hour or so after school working on their homework- when their mind is still focused.

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Communicate with their teacher.

Maintaining a relationship with your child’s teacher is another great way to ensure they are always on track when it comes to homework. For example, children are often asked to write down their homework tasks (and their due date) themselves. If your child is easily distracted in the classroom, they may forget certain details – which makes it harder for them to stay on track. Regular communication with their teacher ensures that homework does not slip through the net.

Help them when they ask.

Children with autism and related disorders are often rather independent, but you must let them know you are there to support them if they need it – whether they are writing an essay or solving a maths equation. For more tips you may contact- Occupational Therapy Clinic Rhode Island.

Choose a ‘homework spot’.

If homeschooling or working from home has taught us anything – it’s that we all work best when we are free from distractions. Therefore, it’s important that you emulate this for your children when they are doing their homework. For example, they should work at a desk or at the dining room table instead of sitting in front of the TV. This creates the ideal work environment, allowing them to focus on their homework.

Help them relax.

You may find that your child is a perfectionist when it comes to their homework – and that they become hyper-fixated on excelling academically. If this is the case, it’s important that you also let them know when it’s time to put down the homework and take a break. When children are young, they should also be focused on having fun outside of the classroom – and some things are more important than grades.

At Alee Behavioral, we have decades of experience working alongside children with autism and their families to give them the skills they need to thrive in their daily lives. Through a range of different online therapy and clinical services, we can help your child through just about everything they encounter – from homework to finding their voice. Get in touch today to find out more!