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How To Hire Foreign Staff For Your Business In Canada

For many decades, Canada’s economy has relied on immigration to fulfill the need for skilled & professional foreign workers. Today, the demand for hiring foreign staff with skills has increased exponentially as Canada steps into being one of the leading countries in the world.

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Hiring top-quality foreign staff that will comply with your organization is no longer challenging. Welcome to AMK Global Group, the fastest growing & the best Recruitment firm in Canada. We specialize in hiring foreign staff from around the world, training them as per the requirements of Canadian culture, job market & employers. In the last few years, we have been consistently successful in hiring foreign staff for hundreds of Canadian restaurants in the Hospitality sector. With our platform & experienced team of professionals, we help the various employers of Canada in hiring foreign staff for hotels, restaurants & multiple organizations - hassle-free.

As a regulated immigration firm, we follow a set standardized structure while recruiting to ensure our employers get the best foreign staff. We take care of Service Canada applications, shortlisting and training candidates up to obtaining their LMIAs, Work Permits efficiently for the benefit of both our employers & clients.

Please keep reading to know more about our services on hiring foreign staff, staff for hotels & restaurants, & how we help the various organizations with our best recruitment services in Canada.

Hire Foreign Staff For Your Business Today

AMK Global Group is a dynamic and quickly expanding Immigration and Recruitment Services Firm located in London, England, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Active across Canada since 2017, the company has placed hundreds of foreign worker candidates in various roles and industries in the marketplace as of 2021. AMK Global is also now fully accredited as an Immigration and Recruitment company in the UK.

With international offices in 12 cities worldwide, the company has completed only the first phase of expansion that positions AMK Global as a worldwide industry leader with personalized and professional service.

AMK Global Group is an immigration and recruitment firm incorporated in Ontario and the United Kingdom. We specialize in hiring foreign staff and providing internationally-sourced skilled professionals for full-time positions across Canada, including janitorial, housekeeping, light industrial, chefs, food service supervisors, warehouse supervisors, housekeeping supervisors, and other fields required in hospitality and food production, and more.

We have successfully placed hundreds of staff in respected commercial and industrial food production facilities, hospitality brands, grocery enterprises, catering, restaurant businesses, long-term care facilities, and more.

Things to take care of while hiring foreign staff

  • Police clearance certificate.
  • Biometrics of all candidates.
  • Medical clearance by Canadian authorized doctors.
  • English proficiency as per Canadian standards .
  • Minimum 2-4 years of work experience.
  • Previous employer references.

Recent surveys demonstrate that hiring foreign staff personnel is the number one priority required for Canadian businesses to continue their growth. Canadian organizations are hiring Canadian foreign hotels, food production companies, restaurants construction & many such industries are hiring foreign staff for their organizations & the demand for foreign staff is accelerating every year.

In 2021 alone, well over 400,1000 new Canadians will be invited to start new lives & settle as permanent residents in the country.

That opens the gates for many foreign workers and gives Canadian employers a chance to have international talents for the growth of their organization. At AMK Global Group alone, we have placed thousands of Chefs, Cooks, Food service supervisors into top Canadian restaurants.

If you are looking for staffing or hiring foreign staff for your hotel/restaurant in Canada, we’ll help you hire the best candidates from across the world. Our eligibility criteria for current hiring foreign staff in the hospitality sector.

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