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Trauringschmiede - Eheringe selbst schmieden – Trauringkurse

If you looking for Trauringkurse then you are at the perfect place.

In a cozy atmosphere, you have the opportunity to make your own wedding rings in a wedding ring course, you will forge your own wedding rings or goldsmiths for your wedding.

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Under professional guidance, you will be introduced to the various steps in the preparation for your wedding and to goldsmithing. No previous knowledge is required for this. Here you will become a goldsmith.

At the end of the course, you take home two high-quality rings and an unforgettable experience of having made the wedding ring for your partner. If you wish, free photo documentation can be created during the course.

Dauer: 3 - 6 Stunden

Kosten: 198,00 € pro Paar zuzüglich Materialkosten

Teilnehmer pro Trauringkurs : ein Paar

Course times: to be agreed upon individually, also on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you need more information regarding Trauringschmiede or if you are interested in forging your own wedding rings.

Contact us https://www.trolese.de/trauringkurs.htm

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