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The Best Gel Nail Types for Weddings in 2022 | Danni Toni

If you looking for Best Gel Nail for wedding then you are at the right place.

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When you think of weddings, having beautiful nails is one of the most important things to make your outfit and style shine for the importance of the occasion.

But do you know that there are different appropriate colors and styles depending on whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or a friend or family member? Just like dresses, it is important to know the difference, so that you are not either too underdressed - or on the other hand – end up outshining the bride, which is also not good.

There are also some trends of colors and styles for 2022 – the first post-Covid wedding season where everything is mostly open up. Let’s catch up on the situation as we get into the heart of the wedding season.

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Here are some types:

  • Classic French Tips
  • Bridesmaid Nails
  • Friends & Family Nails

Why not try out something fun and different? For your normal life, you may wear some more conservative nails, but for a wedding, you can choose something more “out there” and special. In particular, we suggest that you could choose either the Rose Gold, Fairy Dust, or Violet Sparkle ones shown here.

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While you are doing your fingernails for the upcoming wedding, why not also do your toes while you are at it? Pedicure nails are great for summer weddings, especially ones on the beach or where you will be showing off your feet!

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