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Sikumi. lv. Unusual Gifts Warehouse - store. All goods are available now!

Sikumi. lv is a gift shop - a warehouse which means that all goods already are available at our warehouse in Riga, Varaviksnes gatve 8. And you can pick them up or return them on weekdays, at 12.00 and 18.00, upon a preliminary call to (+371) 29535888.

Dāvanu veikals – noliktava Sikumi.lv. Oriģinālas UN interesantas biznesa dāvanas, labas jautras dāvanas virietim UN sievietei. Idejas ko dāvināt dzimšanas dienā, Valentindienā, Ziemassvētkos, pasākumiem. Idejas dāvanām. Visas dāvanas uz vietas mūsu noliktavā Rīgā uzreiz. sikumi.lv

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The goods were purchased at Sikumi. lv gift shop-warehouse is delivered with the help of third party companies - OMNIVA (3 EUR), Latvian post (10 EUR), and Courier services (started from 10 Eur), and that is the reason this service is payable additionally.

Sikumi. lv gift shop - warehouse offers only prepaid delivery of goods, that was caused by clients' refusals to pick up goods send by COD

For more information visit our site: https://sikumi.lv/

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