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Real estate agent Schaffhausen | Grund & Boden Invest AG

If you looking for Immobilien Makler Schaffhausen then you are at the perfect place.

Grund & Boden Invest AG has actually been your companion for the purchase, renovation, and sale of your real estate for 15 years. Originally founded in Leipzig, we have actually been active in a number of cities in Germany over the years, with excellent links to Switzerland as well as Austria.

We learned more about as well as enjoy Switzerland for ourselves as well as relocated the company headquarters here in 2017. Our many years of experience and also our large network enables us to offer exclusive homes and also to give you the very best suggestions and assistance for your tasks.

Our Main Regions:

  • Leipzig
  • Nuremberg
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • German Switzerland
  • Austria

With our many years of experience, we can proactively sustain you in your job growth. We look after the needed examinations, preparation, and primary construction measures and assist you with business choices.

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Financing Advisor:

Partial financing is an interesting and worthwhile topic today, but banks often do not make it easy for our customers. We have a lot of experience and a large network and can offer you advice and support.

We regularly get the opportunity to turn old, unkempt buildings into little gems of return. A cheaply acquired old property can thus become a lucrative investment property for you.

For more information regarding Immobilie kaufen Schaffhausen visit our site: https://gbiag.ch/

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