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OptaMiss - Roof Consultant & Construction Management | +1786-701-3925

If you are looking for moisture survey services then you are at the perfect place. OptaMiss offers roof consulting, moisture survey, aerial drone roof inspection, claim assistance, roof testing & construction management services.

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we help building owners realize their roof’s true-life cycle through annual roof inspections and thermal moisture scans. As problem areas are identified, we prepare tailored roofing solutions to facilitate roof system repair, restoration, or recovery. If a complete roof replacement is needed, we design a specifications package to fit the building’s needs and the owner’s budget.

Our Main Services:

  • Roof Consulting
  • 40/50 Year Recertifications
  • Roof Moisture Surveys
  • Drone Inspections
  • CAM CEU Presentations
  • Roof Testing

Our mission is to help our clients make informed decisions that will provide the most value for their dollars. We do this by helping them realize their roof’s true-life cycle or by helping ensure that the new roof system is adequately designed, expertly installed, and properly maintained.

For more information regarding project manager visit our site: https://optamiss.com/

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