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How to Bring Your Home to Life with a Black Modern Kitchen

For decades, white was the preference when it came to kitchen design. From walls to lights, furniture, crockery, etc., people had an idea of their ideal color scheme, and it was mostly neutral. Fast forward to 2020, and black is fast becoming the most sought-after color for kitchen design.

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Believe it or not, the kitchen wasn't always considered an aesthetic part of the house. In other words, the kitchen didn’t need to look or feel attractive. However, the kitchen is now a major focal point of modern homes and a place that brings the whole family together at the start and end of every day.

But what’s this got to do with the color black?

You see, the trend of modern black kitchen cabinets began with people realizing how many characters the color black can add to a room. With that said, black can also make your kitchen really pop and stand out from the tired and even bland kitchens you see in many homes today. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how black accents can bring this space to life, and a few of the most common designs.

How to Bring Your Home to Life with a Black Modern Kitchen

Introducing black accents to your kitchen doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on new cabinets and countertops. All you have to do is introduce any sort of black prop to your kitchen. It can be anything from black decorative pots to vases, black chairs, small stools, and hardware. The handles and knobs on your kitchen cabinet can be replaced with black ones.

Nowadays, people are also using black cabinetry as a focal point or a backdrop, on a single wall, on an island, or with other wood-finish cabinetry. It acts as a great grounding tool for the naked eye. For instance, if you have a traditional kitchen, a shiny black island acts as a beautiful counterpoint to other cabinets within the space. Now, here are some of the most popular designs:

1. Traditional with a Twist

If you have a traditional kitchen, you might consider adopting a two-toned contemporary kitchen style. The key to this style is to install black lower cabinets which create a painted backsplash. This way of adding black accents is a quick and popular way to give your kitchen a makeover.

2. Contemporary Colorblock Kitchen

You can also design your kitchen to make a dark statement with a grand black island. A marble backsplash adds a certain texture to your kitchen, while the color itself can really help highlight the surrounding features.

3. Traditional Two-Tone Kitchen

Just so you know, the easiest way to introduce black accents to your kitchen is to combine bright white with an under-toned black to get a unique, comfortable, and timeless look. In this approach, you can have the cabinets and island in all black, and the walls in light colors like white.

Final Thoughts on Black Modern Kitchen Design

Black kitchens work well when there is a lot of light, whether natural sunlight or artificial. So, if you don't want your kitchen to look like a bat cave, make sure it has plenty of lighting. It will all depend on your kitchen space and design. If it has lots of windows, you can even consider painting the window sills black to give it a unique look and installing a couple of hanging lights over the kitchen island. But don't overdo it with black. Ask the designer how much black will work with your kitchen.

And it’s true, introducing black to your kitchen is not about spending thousands on the renovation. By simply adding props with black accents, you can achieve the look and feel of a black modern kitchen. Either way, it would seem that black is the way to turn a tired space into a beautiful modern kitchen.

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