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Best Music Streaming Platform | Sell your Music & Earn Money

If you are an Artist and you are in search of how to sell my music online then you are at the perfect platform named Oohyeah.

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OohYeah is a songs streaming platform and market. Our objective is to supply artists with much more alternatives and control over just how they monetize their songs.

OohYeah is free for followers and artists to join as well as start paying attention to songs. It's very easy to browse, make playlists as well as listen to thousands of tracks from today's best and also upcoming musicians. A lot of the music streams absolutely free, lawfully via YouTube.

Why Choose Oohyeah:

Here are the advantages you will get on Oohyeah.

  • Commission-free revenue from monthly music subscribers
  • Full control of pricing for downloadable content, merchandise, and more
  • Monthly payouts, not quarterly like most streaming platforms

Less than 1% of artists earn over 50K per year. It’s time to stop relying on per-stream payments. Get the tools you need to turn fans into revenue by trying OohYeah free for 30-days!

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If you’re an artist and your music is already on OohYeah, you receive royalties from your partners for your streams on OohYeah. You can claim your profile during the registration process and once you’re registered, you can choose whether you would like your music to remain streaming for free, or take the next step and control how you can monetize your music even further.

For more information regarding how to sell music online, visit our site: https://www.oohyeah.app/

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