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Best Franchise Management Software for Franchise Business | BrandWide

If you are looking for the best franchise management software then you are at the right place.

BrandWide is an all-in-one franchise management software that helps franchisors collaborate with franchisees to manage franchise business functions such as sales, marketing, and customer relationships.

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  1. Manage all franchisee information from one place
  2. Manage requests and questions from your franchisees
  3. Ensure consistent branding and messaging across franchisees.
  4. Establish a compliance program across all franchisees
  5. Track aggregated sales and analytics across franchisees.
  6. Process monthly royalties and fees
  7. Ensure that all franchisees have access to up-to-date information.

Why Choose Us:

  • Manage All Units From One Screen
  • Establish & Maintain Compliance Across Units
  • Support Your Units At Every Step
  • Collect Royalties From Your Units

Managing franchise operations is a breeze with BrandWide’s franchise software. Connect all your units to corporate and manage critical information from one screen.

It will help your units with a comprehensive franchise software helpdesk that tracks the entire support process from capturing support requests, assignment, escalation, and resolution.

For more information regarding franchise software, visit our site: https://meetbrandwide.com/franchise-management-software/

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