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Allurion-Ballon Gastrique-Perte De Poids - Balon Gastrico

If you are looking for a ballon gastrique, you are at the perfect place.

Lose an average of 10 to 15% of your weight in approximately 16 weeks with the Allurion program.

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Lose at least 10% of your body weight after 16 weeks of the program or get a refund of €1000. The Allurion Program Weight Loss Guarantee is currently available at select clinics only.

Why Choose Us:

  • Lasting Results
  • Setup In 15 Minutes
  • Complete Follow-Up

It has been shown that 95% of the weight loss achieved with the Allurion balloon can be maintained at 12 months.

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Simplicity: lose weight without surgery, without endoscopy, and without anesthesia.

Allurion Weight Loss Program and Ball have helped thousands of people around the world. We have encouraged these people to become actively involved in their health by offering them the best chance of long-term success.

To achieve this, we've created a comprehensive program to help you lose weight and build healthy habits for life, without having to deal with the medical complexity that typically accompanies weight loss treatments.

For more information regarding balon gastrico, visit here: https://www.allurion.com/fr

ak khan