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Ajay Joy
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Why should every public figure opt for media interview training?

Public figures are in the limelight for their work and achievements. They could be an actor, a sportsperson, a social activist, or a politician. Such people are always on the watch of the public and the media, no matter where they go and what they do. Hence, it is crucial they conduct themselves well. One comment or action can have a major impact.

Media interaction is a massive and important part of their public life. Whether you are a new star or have been in the business for a long time, you should opt for media interview training. The media connects them to the public. You need to have a strong presence and communicate efficiently with the media. Following are the ways media training helps you portray a favourable image as a public figure:

Allows preparation and practice

Walking into a room full of journalists with questions at you can be very intimidating. Fumbling or saying something wrong is your greatest fear. The way to overcome this is through preparation and practice. Media training helps you. These sessions are led by industry professionals who understand media and teach you the best way to deal with them.

The training professionals start by working on your communication skills. The clearer you speak, the lesser chances of your words fumbling. You also need to handle tricky questions that can land you in controversy. The training professionals also organise mock media interviews to teach you how to speak and conduct yourself.

Develop a positive narrative

The audience is more aware than they were before. It is all about the narrative doing rounds in the media. Building a positive narrative helps turn a negative situation in your favour. Media training interview teaches you to develop a positive narrative and safeguard your public image. These professionals teach you the art of storytelling. With this, you can share your journey with the world.

This allows the public to know more about you and your work. Media experts may also advise you to take up more PR activities to create a positive image of yourself.

Have a strong presence

When you are amongst the public eye, your conduct also draws attention. Your body language and actions are subjected to scrutiny and judgment. You need to show a strong front with your conduct. Your confidence adds more value to your words. Always have steady eye contact with the media professionals and answer every question with a positive outlook. Consider signing up for video conference training if it is a virtual interview.

Speaking to a group of journalists online can be very different. You need to look straight into the camera to make an eye contact. The way you speak and what you speak remains the same.

Ajay Joy