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4 ways to learn and master the art of public speaking

If there is one skill that everyone should work on, it is public speaking. Whether it is delivering a presentation to your company team or inspiring an auditorium full of audience, you need to put up a good show. When you see a speaker, you aspire to be like them but are afraid. Remember that public speaking is a skill, and any skill is learnable if you are willing to put in effort.

From signing up for public speaking training to reading books, here are some effective ways to learn the art:

Learning yourself

Any learning journey starts with you. You need to try to learn by yourself. Thanks to the internet, you can access several resources that help you learn. Search for the most famous speeches online. Whether it is TED talks or Harvard Commencement speeches, hear every speech you can. By listening to the most successful public speaker, you can learn a lot.

Pay attention to their speech formation and delivery. See how they conduct themselves on stage. These little learnings can improve you immensely.

Enrol for courses

If you struggle with public speaking, you can always seek help. Consider enrolling for public speaking training. Industry professionals teach these courses. They train you for everything, from speech writing to delivery. Plus, you need not step out of your house and travel far to learn public speaking. Many training courses are available online that offer great learning, so enrol for them.

Reading books

This always adds value to one’s life. You can read any book to enrich yourself. However, if you are keen on improving your public speaking skills, you should read communication books. For example, the book Talk like TED by Carmine Gallo reveals the secret behind the most successful TED presentation. Reading the book teaches you the secrets of public speaking to improve your speeches.

If you are an organization or political party leader, you should read the book Speak like Churchill, Stand like Lincoln by James C. Humus. This book is the Bible for any leader who wishes to communicate and command the audience impactfully. Besides teaching you to practise public speaking skills, books improve your everyday communication and writing abilities. You can find these books and others readily available for purchase online.

Hands-on experience

There is no better way to learn than hands-on experience. Actively look for public speaking opportunities. Any opportunity is a chance to learn and improve. Do not be afraid to fail. Only when you try do you know where you stand. When you deliver a speech, you get a fair idea of your strengths and shortcomings as a speaker. If there are any gaps, executive communication training can help you fill them and learn to use your strengths to your advantage.

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