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4 books to read to improve public speaking skills

If you have a story, you want the world to know public speaking is the best way to present it. It gives you a platform to share with the audience the ideas and things that matter to you the most. The words you speak hold immense significance. People feel happy, emotional, sad, inspired, and encouraged by your words. Many fear public speaking for various reasons. However, once you conquer your fear, there is no looking back.

You deliver speeches and move the audience with your words. Opting for public speaking training is a great way to work on your skills. You learn from the leading communication experts and become a competent public speaker. Besides training, you should also read some books to improve your speaking skills. Following are a few books to learn communication and become an excellent public speaker:

Talk like TED

You may have come across TED talk videos. Listening to these talks often boosts your morale. Other than motivation, TED talks offer tremendous learning in public speaking. TED Talks have topics like secrets of public speaking that helped the presenters gain the success they did with their speeches. Learn these secrets and employ them in your next speech delivery. See the magic you create on stage.

The Art of Public Speaking

When you search for the best public speaking training books online: The Art of Public Speaking is the first book recommended. This book by Stephen Lucas covers all the practical skills you need to practice becoming a good public speaker. Maximum emphasis is laid on preparation and practice to succeed as a speaker. It is a must-read if you are entirely new to the communication form.

Out With It

A common thought most people have is that the most successful public speakers have been gifted with amazing speaking abilities since birth. While this may be untrue for some, many speakers work tirelessly to get better at speaking. Out With It is the story of Katherine Preston, who battled shutter for several years and is now the world's most prominent voice. Read this book to know that you can conquer anything and become a victorious speaker.

Speak like Churchill, Stand like Lincoln

Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln are two leaders who are widely regarded for their public speaking skills. No one could move the audience than their words. You should read the book by James C. Humes if you aspire to become a speaker and leader like them.

Along with working on your communication skills, get better with your stage presence. Get an executive presentation coach on board and learn how to conduct yourself in the public eye.

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