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Importance of HVAC systems & ways to choose HVAC systems for hospitals

Surgical rooms are among the many facilities that require independent heating and cooling demands. Because of this, medical facilities need to maintain a certain temperature inside the surgical area. The HVAC system must recover quickly after surgery to keep the operating room comfortable. As well as controlling the temperatures of the operating room, it must also reduce noise from the HVAC system.

This article will cover the importance of HVAC systems in hospitals. It will also address the different factors that should be considered when selecting HVAC systems for these facilities.

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Importance of HVAC systems A well-maintained HVAC system will help reduce the operating costs and help improve the IAQ levels of patients and staff. The design of a hospital's HVAC should consider the cost-effectiveness of a given HVAC system. It is crucial that the project engineers understand the financial and physical constraints of the facility. A poorly installed system can end up compromising the hospital's goals.

Infection control is one of the most critical components of a hospital's HVAC system. Infection rates in a hospital's intensive care unit can be as low as 3% if the temperature is too high. Additionally, it is vital to maintain a comfortable climate for patients and staff. An efficient HVAC system helps prevent airborne bacteria and other health risks and allows for a healthier environment for patients. A well-maintained HVAC system will increase the life expectancy of hospital employees by as much as 20 years. If you are unaware of which system you should use for your hospital, contact our HVAC Consulting Services provider.


First, hospitals should consider their goals for the facility. For example, do they wish to increase the hospital's comfort levels? How important are these objectives? What should be the HVAC system's measurable performance? What is the space available for the facility? What are the staff's needs? Should the facility be accessible to patients? Will the system be easily maintained? Will it provide sufficient energy efficiency? Is its design easy to operate and maintain?

Physical and financial constraints.

Second, the HVAC engineer must understand the hospital's physical and financial constraints. In many cases, these constraints may restrict the selection of an HVAC system and ultimately prevent the project from meeting its goals. Besides understanding the hospital's goals, the HVAC engineer should also document the mechanical and construction costs allocated to the project. Those costs are critical to identifying whether the proposed HVAC system will meet the project's objectives, such as the goal of infection control and cost savings.

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Air management Group Inc.
AMG is the best HVAC & Furnace installation company in Greater Toronto Area including Durham, Vaughan, and York Regions. Visit @