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Airfilter Cartridge
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Types and Benefits of Filter Bags for Dust Collectors

With growing interest of people in protecting their environment, the demand of dust collector bags have ultimately grew up. Increase in health and occupational hazard have also led in its increased demand. It is true that in any manufacturing facility, you will find great accumulation of dust, metal shreds, corroded particles, saw dust and other solid granular pollutants. These pollutants are extremely hazardous for the workers. In order to maintain a clean and sterile environment, it’s important that you use a quality filter bags for dust collector.

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Presently, both online and offline stores sell filter bags for dust collectors in a wide variety of coatings, finishes, sizes and configurations, and with various filter media options. As there are many filter bag options available today, it’s vital to understand the characteristics that go into choosing the best solution for your application. These include dust properties, dust load, operating temperature needs and work environment at your industrial operation.

Usually the dust collector filter configuration depend on your bag house style. Purchasing the right dust collector can bring a sense of safety to any environment. Some of the best filter bags for dust collectors include polyester filter bags, Polyphenylene Sulfide filter bag, nonmex filter bag, polyimide filter bag, water punched polyester filter bag, anti-static polyester filter bag, PTFE filter bags and FMS filter bags. These are discussed here in detail.

Polyester Filter Bags – These filter bags are made of polyester fibers and is widely used in industrial dry dust filtration under the temperature of 130 degree Celsius.

PPS Polyphenylene Sulfide- Such nonwoven needle felt & filter bag is widely used in coal-fired boilers in thermal/power plants or waste incinerator etc.

Nonmex Filter Bag - Nonmex is a flame-resistant meta-aramid material well developed to withstand temperature of up to 370 degree Celsius. It has excellent thermal, chemical and radiation resistance for a polymer material.

Polyimide Filter Bag – When it comes to filtration, it works with a high temperature of 260 degree Celsius and offer the best performance even in harsh chemical industry with excellent corrosion resistance.

Water Punched Polyester Filter Bag – They come with better air permeability and filtration efficiency. The best thing about this filter bags for dust collector is that it is widely installed in industrial pulse jet dust collector under the temperature of 130 degree Celsius.

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Anti-static Polyester Filter Bags –Such filter bags have three non-woven polyester felts like lined type felt, mixed stainess fibers and grid static polyester felts. They are fabricated to specification from selected needle felts and woven fabrics.

These mesmerizing filter bags for dust collectors are made available in various weights and surface treatments, combined with innovative manufacturing facilities to offer you the best solution for your individual application.

If the available dust collectors fail to meet your requirement, custom dust collector bags would definitely help in reducing emission and at the same time ensure compliance with dust emission limits. Ensure to get high-performance filters to meet the most exacting requirements in terms of dedusting exhaust air and flue gas.