Airfilter Cartridge
Airfilter Cartridge
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Different types of filter media options for your air dust collection system

The inside environment of the industries is responsible for creating airborne particles ranging from large chunks of plastic, wood, or paper to sub-micron size smoke. Some dust is hazardous to the health and presents safety issues while other types of dust reduce visibility, therefore it is important to remove it from the surrounding. The industrial operation creates smoke and fumes, thus the use of an industrial air dust collection system is recommended to clear the air.

Industrial air dust collection systems not only clean the air but also improve the efficiency of employees, increase their retention, and help in creating a safe working environment by reducing the additional equipment maintenance cost. Apart from that keeping, an industry clean can be a good bottom line for your business.

The overall efficiency of the dust collector system depends on the filter media option that is used in it. Here we are sharing information on what type of air slide fabric is the best for the application.

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Woven(cotton):- its normal maximum operating temperature is 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of filter media is commonly used in shaker collectors for performing general applications like atmospheric air cleaning, cleaning rooms, cement and rock products, woodworking application, and other general applications for handling ambient air. Chemical flammability is high and resistance is poor. In this case, cotton filters offer good chemical resistance in ambient and dry conditions, however, its use is not recommended where oxidizing agents and mineral acids are present.

Polyester:- this nonwoven filter fabric provides good resistance to abrasion, dry heat degradation, and chemicals. They are the most common type of filter used in the present time as they are renowned for offering excellent dimensional stability. This filter media is considered ideal for dry heat applications, and are better than other synthetics. Although its use is not preferred in moist heat and is subject to hydrolytic degradation under particular circumstances. Polyester offers good resistance to organic acids and most minerals except the high concentration of sulfuric, nitric, and carbolic acids.

High efficient Felts:- Are you searching for highly efficient filter bags but don’t want to pay the extreme cost of a PTFE membrane filter then you can consider SlyHe uses micropore-sized fibers to filter fine pollutants. Besides microfiber is a great solution for the free-flowing dust, and uniform and fine solids present in liquid processed slurries.

Polypropylene:- This filter media is used for general applications where moisture and chemicals attack other fibers. Polypropylene offers high strength and excellent resistance to most alkalis and acids. The smoothness of fiber offers good cake release and resistance building.

Nylon:- This fabric is typically used for highly abrasive dust applications. Besides, it has good resistance to alkalis under specific conditions but under the influence of mineral oxides, it degrades or partially decomposes.

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