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Know Some Surprising Facts About Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling has always been a major topic of conversation in plastic conferences. And why not, after all, recycling is growing with the endless efforts of plastic production as well as recycling companies. These companies are willing to make innovative advancements so that plastic can find a versatile use. Not just that, it is pretty clear that recycling plastics can lead to a healthier environment and a saving of resources.

Besides the above facts, there are many more facts about plastic recycling that you must know as a learner and a practitioner.

Surprising Facts About Plastic Recycling

You are surrounded by Recyclable Plastics

If you’re thinking that you’ve thrown out all the plastic, then you may be wrong. This is because you can still have a lot of recyclable plastic inside. This explains our dependency on plastics. Well, be it your shampoo bottle, butter box, toiletries, or gardening product, each of them is made of the same plastic as the packaging of food products. Hence, they should be put into the recycle bin and not the garbage bin.

Plastics Are Better Sorted By Robots

If you haven’t known yet, recycling companies have started using robotics systems to sort out plastic waste. So all the waste gathered by them is typically sorted by the robots. What’s more surprising about this is that the performance of robotics technology is better than when human hands do it. These sorters are contributing to high productivity, better sorting, lesser errors, and time efficiency. However, due to the high cost of these systems, these are less adopted by companies. But that time is not far when it will find space in recycling companies all across the world.

Recycled Ocean Plastics Are Extremely Useful

Do you know many companies use recycled ocean plastics to make eco-friendly products? Oceans do not deserve plastic and vice versa, which is why companies have figured out a solution to merry up both things. They remove the thrown-away plastic waste from the ocean which helps in two ways. First, it makes the ocean plastic-free, and second, it lends a new life to plastic. This extracted plastic is used to make high-quality clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Significant Rise In The Plastic Recycling

Since its inception, more than 2 decades ago, plastic recycling has witnessed significant growth. With each year we are recycling more and more plastics. This has also boosted the recycling programs for several plastics. These plastics include cups, bags, bottles, containers, lids, etc.

Recycled Products Are Near You

If you read the product packaging for its composition, you’ll find that a number of products are developed from recycled plastics. These may include footwear, clothing, toys, furniture, etc. This was not in the earlier times. So, next time when you go to a market near you, don’t forget to check the composition details of products that claim to use recycled plastic. This will be fun, we bet!


It’s no wonder that plastics are the world’s most versatile and most commonly used material. It is because of this that countries are making efforts for recycling and reuse plastic at a commendable rate. AIPMA is the Plastic Association In India that is contributing to the growth of the Indian plastics industry. Get in touch to know more about us.