Aikido of Gainesville
Aikido of Gainesville
If you are looking for Aikido classes services in Florida? Then contact Aikido of Gainesville because we offer Judo and Karate.
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Try This One Among the Best Karate Schools in Florida

Now, the practice of Karate is not up to the boundary of China and Japan, and it takes its feet to different corners of the world. Karate has many well-known forms like Judo, Aikido, Kendo, and Karate itself. Each of these martial arts follows various body movements and goals. Under Karate, its many sub-types come like Wado-Ryu, Shito-Ryu, Shotokan, and Goju-Ryu. These classes stress personal discipline and the high code of personal conduct. So, if you are finding to choose the best karate schools in Florida for your kids’ positive prospects for the future, try Aikido of Gainesville, the best in quality and the cheap karate classes in Florida.

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Why Only Aikido of Gainesville?

This karate academy leads you to a comprehensive black belt training program that is completely unmatched by other same institutes. Here course materials are available in both practical and video forms. It is a renowned institute primarily for karate courses, and the school is specialized in other various deeply-rooted martial arts like Okinawan Shuri-Ryu, Aikido, etc.

Whether you are a male or female, a child, an adult, or an old, you may give yourself a scope to boost your physique, fitness, and mind with its various newly invented techniques in karate movements and other martial arts. Also, can learn an active self-defense technique for the future. So far, Aikido of Gainesville, one of the best karate schools in Florida has won many international awards and international recognition in many world-class competitions. So, where can you find high-quality and cheap karate classes in Florida?

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cheap karate classes in Florida

Their Specialized Courses in Karate

Karate is the central part of martial arts. It came into recognition in the 17th century. Though it has widely spread worldwide and now its many latest variations have come.

Shito Ryu

This style came into existence in 1928 by Kenwa Mabuni. The core emphasis of this style is on accurate strikes. In this style, you can learn many types of predetermined moves for attacks and defenses. It is primarily a part of the competition in which active physical strength and a firm stance are required.

Wado Ryu

The second type of karate style. It is about the harmony of movements that seems quite similar to the martial art jujitsu. This spiritual form of Karate came in 1939 and still now is in a list of the latest karate styles. It mainly teaches how to stop an attack by moving the whole body. It uses a shorter stance as compared to other ones.


Gichin Funakoshi created this style in 1938, and it has become world-famous with its rising popularity day-to-day. In this style, you apply a linear stance that enables students to deliver impressive strikes.

Aikido of Gainesville
If you are looking for Aikido classes services in Florida? Then contact Aikido of Gainesville because we offer Judo and Karate.