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Ahmed Mehmood
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Understanding shifting and non-shifting Hajj travel packages.

Hajj rituals are obligatory to be performed by every able Muslim, once in a lifetime. Since hajj rituals are observed in the holy city of Makkah, millions travel for it annually with their cost of hajj 2022. Arriving in Makkah, pilgrims gather in Haramain and observe the hajj rites from 8th to 12th of Dhul Hijjah.

Hajj pilgrimage is a form of worship that is physical as well as financial in nature. Undoubtedly, it is also among the most challenging Ibadah because it requires immense faith, struggle, patience, time, and wealth from a pilgrim to offer it. Yet, the rewards it holds for the pilgrims are exceptionally significant!

The pilgrim of Hajj returns free of sins just like a newborn baby (Hadith).

Shifting Vs. Non-shifting Hajj packages.

To accommodate an ever-increasing number of pilgrims, hotels and other accommodations near Haram were demolished by the Saudi Government in 2007. This was done with the plans of building new and taller buildings to host a large number of pilgrims but still, there is not enough accommodation for all the Hajj pilgrims to stay close to Haram Shareef during the peak days of Hajj.

Consequently, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudia Arabia decided to manage it by introducing two types of hajj packages; Shifting Hajj Packages and Non-Shifting Hajj packages.

Shifting Hajj Package.

In a Shifting Hajj travel package, the initial accommodation options given to the pilgrims remain situated close to Haram Shareef. However, pilgrims have to relocate to other locations known as ‘Al-Aziziya’ during the peak hajj days.

As the peak days of hajj are over, the pilgrims with shifting hajj packages are again relocated to the same accommodation/hotel they had i.e., close to Haram Shareef.

For the shifting purposes, pilgrims are facilitated by buses/shuttle services from Al-Aziziya to Haram Shareef five times a day to offer their Salaah in Haram Shareef as well as to perform the holy rituals.

Non-Shifting Hajj Package.

With a non-shifting Hajj package, accommodation given to the pilgrims is fixed and also remains close to Haram Shareef. Even during the peak days of hajj, there is no relocation for such pilgrims to other hotels and they can stay in a single hotel during their entire hajj stay.

For this reason, the cost for non-shifting hajj packages is comparatively very high than a shifting hajj package but it saves a pilgrim from the hassles of frequent shifting and baggage handling.

So, it completely depends on one’s personal preferences as well as the budget to hire either a shifting hajj package or a non-shifting one.