Agatsya Raje
Agatsya Raje
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What Are The Different Types Of Women Jeans?

If there is one piece of cloth you love the most, it is jeans. No matter where you maybe, it is one thing that stays constant across the globe. Every culture and social background accept it as casual wear. You look for jeans with the perfect fit and comfort. Since you handle multiple tasks in a day, you require something for flexible movement.

Buying women’s jeans is fun as you find a lot of varieties in the market. You cannot stop yourself from buying it as it is an evergreen outfit and suits all daily occasions like visiting college, meeting friends, or going to a restaurant for dinner. Life is short to spend on a single type of denim. Hence, you stock up on a variety of them. Consider these variants:

Skinny jeans

They go with everything and are skin hugging, as the name suggests. These are the best option in the market if you plan to show off your toned and perfectly shaped legs. They are usually stretchy and available in different cuts to choose from according to your preference.

Boyfriend jeans

The whole idea is to make them look baggy and loose as if you are wearing your boyfriend’s jeans. It is tighter around the hips and loosens down on your legs. These are ideal for you if you have thicker thighs. Avoid wearing them if you are short because they will make you look shorter.

Straight jeans

Also called cigarette jeans, these denims for women are the new alternatives for your work pants. They are narrow, straight, and flattering. What makes them different from regular skinny denim is that they do not cover your ankles but fall right above them. It is perfect for those who want flaunt their curves.

Bootcut jeans

The 60s and 70s jeans style have recently made a comeback. They suit all body types and are therefore preferred. An advantage here is that you appear taller. These jeans are wider from the bottom, giving them a disfigured look. Pair them with high heels for setting a distinguished style statement.

Flare jeans

It is another old pattern to take over your vintage wardrobe. It is like a bootcut pattern with a wide opening at the bottom from your knees to your ankle. These fit tightly above the knees so that the flare is visible. Pair them with turtleneck tops for women for a vintage look.


They are comfortable clothing in bottoms and stretchable. They follow the same rule as leggings with a waistband instead of regular buttons and zips. You can browse through various women tops online to pair them.