African Landmark Safaris
African Landmark Safaris
African Landmark safaris is an indigenous Kenyan owned safari and tour company. It has its Head office in Nairobi.
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Love at First Sight with Our Luxurious Vacation Packages

With our exceptional vacation packages, you may fully enjoy a well-deserved escape. Every traveler dreams of taking a unique vacation, and at African Landmark Safaris, we understand this. Our meticulously crafted selection of vacation packages is created to meet your specific requirements. Embrace luxury as you embark on a journey that will be filled with amazing encounters and unforgettable experiences. Its well curated selection offers a variety of options, from stunning beachfront resorts to interesting cultural excursions, that will undoubtedly satisfy even the most discerning wanderlusts. Our diligent team has carefully selected each destination to guarantee that your package only includes the greatest hotel, activities, and dining choices. As we take care of every detail, from arranging transportation to getting exclusive access to hidden jewels at your desired location, leave all worries at the door. With our vacation packages, you may embrace total pleasure and create unforgettable memories.

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How to Reduce the Cost of Travel Packages

Do you yearn for a vacation but are concerned that it might empty your financial account? So don't worry! In the section that follows, we'll take a closer look at some novel cost-saving techniques for Kenya vacation packages.

  1. Off-Peak Travel: Consider going to places where prices are frequently lower during off-peak seasons. Along with avoiding the crowds, there's a chance you'll also discover some excellent savings.
  2. Be Open to Different Trip Dates and Locations: Flexibility is essential. Being flexible can allow you to find lower-cost tickets or benefit from last-minute savings by selecting neighboring airports.
  3. Package Deals & Bundles: A lot of travel agencies provide packages that incorporate housing, travel, and activities at a discount compared to booking each component separately. You should keep a look out for these bundles to maximize your savings.
  4. Embrace Local Experiences: To avoid spending money on expensive tourist traps, immerse yourself in local culture and activities. You'll not only save money if you go to the local markets, eat on the street, or stay in a guesthouse, but you'll also create lasting experiences.
  5. Memberships and Loyalty Programs: Join the loyalty programs offered by airlines or hotel companies. These programs usually offer exclusive savings, cost-free enhancements, or redeemable reward points.

Remember that the secret is to choose wisely rather than sacrificing quality in order to save money! So go ahead and start organizing your ideal vacation as soon as possible!

Flying Safari: A Discovery Journey

With our Kenya Flying Safari, set off on an exhilarating journey unlike any other, where you'll soar through the air and discover Kenya's hidden beauties from above. You can fully appreciate the stunning scenery, varied animals, and natural splendor that our nation has to offer thanks to this special experience.

Be ready to have your breath stolen away as you fly over wide savannahs, gorgeous mountains, and expansive lakes in a small aircraft. You'll see Kenya's natural treasures from a different angle and enjoy its astounding biodiversity from above.

Landing in isolated areas grants you access to some of Kenya's most prestigious safari sites, continuing your exploration. Imagine landing in the middle of unexplored wilderness and being met by amazing wildlife encounters just outside your door.

Every day is filled with fresh experiences, including game drives in national parks teeming with recognizable African species like elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, and so on. You will be led by knowledgeable experts on fascinating expeditions where every turn will reveal something genuinely amazing.

A chance for cultural absorption exists between thrilling safaris and breathtaking aerial vistas. Learn about the customs and way of life of nearby communities by visiting them along your path. Talk to Samburu or Maasai tribe members who will be happy to have you in their world.

Rest easily at night knowing that opulent lodgings are waiting for you. Each setting, whether a luxurious lodge overlooking magnificent landscapes or a tented camp tucked away in the bush, has been carefully picked for its comfort and closeness to nature.

The Flying Safari provides an unmatched fusion of fun and relaxation; it enables you to travel far while yet providing plenty of time for rest and renewal amidst stunning scenery. Why not take this incredible tour, which promises life-changing experiences? Join us right away on our flying safari!

Take a Kenya Safari Honeymoon to Embrace Romance

Why You Should Have Your Honeymoon In Kenya
Why You Should Have Your Honeymoon In Kenya00:31

Lovebirds set out on an unforgettable voyage through Kenya as the golden sun rises over the huge African plains, spreading its warm glow on the sweeping savannahs and gorgeous wildlife. Those looking for an experience that will be really unique can look forward to a Kenya Safari Honeymoon unlike any other.

Spend some time getting lost in the wild vistas that go on forever. Every nook and cranny of Kenya offers mysteries just waiting to be unearthed, from the renowned Maasai Mara National Reserve to Amboseli National Park with its breath-taking views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Experience the harmony of nature as you watch beautiful elephants grazing under boundless sky or listen to lions' deafening roars resonating through your entire being.

But it's also about sharing in the unadulterated beauty of Africa's interior; it's not just about coming across gorgeous species in their native habitat. Enjoy private moments as the sun sets over wide-open plains while sipping specially made sundowners. Relax in opulent cabins tucked away in unspoiled wilderness, where romance and adventure collide at every step.

Beyond wildlife sightings, Kenyan culture is woven into a tapestry that is just begging to be discovered. Participate in local communities, discover long-standing customs that have been passed down through the years, and savor mouthwatering aromas bursting from regional cuisine made by brilliant chefs who imbue each bite with true African passion.

A monument to love and adventure without bounds, this safari honeymoon promises an immersive escape into a magical realm where desire meets the beauties of nature, unleashing treasured memories that will live in the heart for all time.

African Landmark Safaris
African Landmark safaris is an indigenous Kenyan owned safari and tour company. It has its Head office in Nairobi.