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USA Business and Immigration Services | Solutions in Law Ltd

An immigration firm that has a balance of knowledge and experience can help expedite your USA Business immigration process faster.

As leading immigration lawyers, based in the United Kingdom, Solutions in Law Ltd is a leading USA immigration law firm representing businesses, individuals, and families in the UK, the US, and around the world.

Our team of experienced lawyers provides legal advice and representation on all matters pertaining to the acquisition of visas, green cards, US citizenship, travel, and inadmissibility into the United States. We have successfully counseled and represented a plethora of clients over many years.

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Our specialties for USA immigration services include USA immigration services, USA business Immigration, USA Green Card Immigration.

Solutions In Law Limited has successfully represented clients in USA immigration services and visa matters since 2002. Our representation encompasses business, investment, education, marriage, training, and employment classifications in the temporary and permanent segments of US visa acquisition. Our client portfolio extends from the United Kingdom across the world dealing with standard to highly complex cases.

As a USA Green Card Lawyer, Solutions in law offers all guidance and takes necessary legal steps to fulfill your requirements. Permanent resident status through USA green cards may be acquired directly from employment categories such as business investments, persons of extraordinary ability, and other people interested in pursuing a career in the states. Green card status can also open doors to US citizenship provided certain residency and other criteria are met.

Spousal relationships and certain family ties create another source for the acquisition of US green cards and subsequent acquisition of US citizenship. The green card lottery provides yet another avenue for permanent residence in the United States.

Please do not hesitate to contact our USA Immigration lawyers for advice and representation on US visas and immigration. You will be amazed by our solutions!

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