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Top 7 Mobile Networks To Acquire App Users

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Once you have successfully developed an app, the most crucial thing that you need to be concerned about is its advertisement. Advertisement/marketing of a mobile app plays a key role in its success as it helps you acquire more and more users who have an interest in your mobile application. But, the question arises where to display or publish the ads for your app to attract the maximum number of people. The answer is that there are various mobile networks available for this purpose.

Due to the availability of several options, you have to be specific and careful in the selection of a mobile network. You can also seek help from a trusted App Developer in Dubai in this regard. Hence, in our today’s article, we will discuss the top seven mobile networks to acquire more app users. So, keep reading the article!

Top 7 Mobile Networks To Acquire App Users:

Now, let us explain these seven mobile networks that help you promote your app effectively and get a large number of app users:

1. Facebook:

The most dependable and credible option among the mobile networks is Facebook. Although it was previously ranked second after Google Ads, it has now excelled the Google Ads and came to the top ranking.

The reason behind its success is the availability of a large number of ad templates. App owners feel comfortable with it and can use the template of their own choice. Another thing behind its success is its sophisticated targeting.

2. Google Ads:

When it comes to the acquiring of users, Google Ads are ranked second just after Facebook. But, if we talk about the same ranking concerning the Android users, it still comes to the top ranking.

The thing that has made it successful is Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Google app campaigns also enhance the chances of success of an app through video creation.

3. Apple Search Ads:

Apple search ads help your app appear in the top first rows of the search results. These ads are further classified into two types; named as basic and advanced.

The advanced Apple search ads would be more effective and fruitful. The specialty of advanced Apple search ads is the features, like demographics, locations, keywords, search match, etc.

4. Google’s DV 360:

DV 360 (Display And Video 360) makes possible the creation of video campaigns and programmatic display. Video campaigns add more effectiveness to the advertisement and they can target a larger audience.

This way, it provides a better experience and helps the app to acquire a greater number of users.


MOLOCO is one of the most effective working platforms for the ads of your apps. Machine Learning plays a vital role in making this platform a dependable option. Here are some key features of this platform:

· Data transparency

· Limit ad tracking traffic

· Auto-optimized campaigns

· Custom campaign models including CTR, ROAS, etc.

6. Twitter:

Twitter ads can be a means of boosting your app downloads and user engagement. Ad formats on Twitter are termed app cards. These are available in two types; namely video app cards and image app cards.

Most commonly, there are two types of biddings on Twitter; optimized action bidding and cost per app click bidding. These two collectively enhance the advertisement manifolds.

7. Snapchat:

Snapchat is another platform that you can use to advertise your app. Its effectiveness can’t be denied just because it targets the youth. More than seventy percent of the Snapchat users in the US are between fifteen and thirty-five.

Hence, driving app traffic and app installs are two of the campaign goals that you can achieve through this platform.

Wrapping Up!

If you have developed your app and now looking for its advertisement, there is no way to do so better than using an effective platform. Above, we have discussed some of the best mobile networks that you can use to promote your app. The networks mentioned in this article are among top-notch options. You can use any of these you think that is suitable for you. Nevertheless, if you need any help in the app development process, you should contact a reputable app developer, MISTERSAAD.

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