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How To Test Either You Have A Responsive Website Or Not?

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Responsive Website testing

Website responsiveness testing is an essential step in creating a website. Every website designer should know about its importance. Whether the site is going to be successful or not, majorly depends upon its responsiveness factor. Hence, it is essential to use different tools and techniques to test it.

When a website responds to the device it is being viewed on, call it a responsive website. It implies that when a web page is displayed on smaller devices, data is not lost, and the contents are adjusted to fit the respective device. A user may view or interact with the website regardless of the device they are using, such as a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with various screen resolutions.

Now, if you want to know whether you have a responsive website or not, there are different ways to test it. This is what we will share in our today’s article. So, continue reading it! Moreover, you can Contact an Experienced App Developer in Dubai to test the responsiveness of your website.

The 3 Best Ways To Test Either You Have A Responsive Website Or Not:

As we know, mobile phone usage has increased majorly, allowing users to do all their work without being bound to one place. Hence, most people spend their time on a mobile screen. If a website is designed and optimized for a bigger screen only i.e., a laptop or PC, and does not work well for a mobile phone, it is most probably going to fail to fulfill the users’ needs. Due to lesser traffic, it will rank low on the search engines.

Below are the three best ways to test whether you have a responsive website or not:

  1. Verify The Layout

Verifying the website layout is an essential step. The layout helps you give a structure to your website, and if disturbed, it makes it hard to understand your content. While checking the design of your website on a mobile phone or tablet, enable auto-rotate and check the layout in different dimensions.

If you have any tables on your website, make sure its content is not disturbed. The padding on your webpage should be correct on every device. The menu and sub-menu should be correctly adjusted. Areas that allow text entry are to be displayed correctly. Upon adding text to them, it should look appropriate.

2. Verify The Content

You have to make sure that your content fits inside the display screen and everything is clear and readable. The alignment of paragraphs should not be disturbed due to different screen sizes. Be sure that the links you have added to your website are leading to the correct pages.

Also, verify that the paragraph spacing, indentations, font, and size of the text are appropriate. Headings must be aligned and displayed in the right place. Images added to your web pages are properly viewed, fit inside various device screens, and do not break.

3. Verify The User Experience

To verify the overall user experience of your website, squeeze the browser to make it smaller or enlarge it to check for issues in the view. Then, another important thing is to check the loading time of your website on different devices. There shouldn’t be any major difference in the loading time on different devices.

If you have added any pop-ups on your web page, make sure that it is displayed on every device. Also, be sure that it is responsive at all levels. Confirm the smooth flow of scrolling on your website. There must not be any horizontal scrolling due to the smaller screen because it makes it hard to navigate through the site.

Concluding Lines:

In the end, we can say that the responsiveness of a website bothered by the device means that the website designer lacks the skill set needed to develop a website that can stand out in today’s market. Due to extreme competition in the world of IT, everything should be as free of flaws as possible. For this, you have to test everything properly before launching your website. Moreover, you can get professional assistance from a specialized app developer at to ensure the responsiveness of your website.

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