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Adnan Ijaz
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Ramadan Gift Ideas for the Family

The most holy month is Ramadan. Fasting is an example of cleansing that is not of this world. It is a beautiful way for a Muslim to get back in touch with Allah SWT. Still, getting closer to Allah Almighty is only one part of Ramadan. During the holy month of Ramadan, families can spend a lot of time together. After fasting for a long time, everyone gathers around the dinner table in the evening for iftar.

Also, those are the times when people think about their families. Do you need to do something for them and maybe get a nice gift in return? But it's Ramadan, and you don't have any ideas for Ramadan gifts for your family. In fact, that's where we'll be able to help you with this article. Our travel agency that offers the best Umrah Packages from the UK in 2023 has put together a list of the best gift ideas for your family. Islamic Travel offers Cheap umrah Packages From UK with business class flights & luxury hotels for families who want to avail the business class flights.

1. Dates

You can't not think about both Ramadan and dates at the same time. The blessed month of Ramadan is shown by dates. Also, the explanation is pretty easy to understand. Dates are what people do in the evening to break their fast. This is why dates are a great gift to give during the holy month of Ramadan. On the lookout, there are a huge number of dates to choose from. If you think you might buy a case of dates, make sure they are the good ones.

2. Sweets Hamper

Fasting can be a test of who you really are. Doing normal things for several hours without eating or drinking can be tiring. From now on, your family will be very excited to receive a gift that brings the energy levels back to normal. So, how about a sweets basket, which could also serve as an energy basket? The best thing about this idea for a family gift is that you can have it made just for them. You can put in whatever you want, such as dates, nuts, chocolate, honey, etc. If you make this yourself, your love will be a part of it.

3. Replicas of Holy places

It is a common practice for Muslim families to hang up copies of holy places around their homes. There is a lot of deep meaning behind these mausoleums that can be copied. They make the home feel holy and are a reminder of the rich history of Muslims. During the blessed month of Ramadan, you could give this to a family member or friend as a gift. For example, you could make a copy of the great mosque of Kaaba.

4. Prayer dots and Mats

One more thought about a gift has a lot of religious significance. During this holy month, people often spend time on prayer mats to honor Allah SWT. One can buy each member of the family a different, perfect-looking agreeable petition mat.

5. Perfumes

No matter if it's Ramadan or not, giving a scent is always a good idea. When given as a gift, the smell meets a lot of different needs. If the smell is nice, it makes people happy and makes the love between them grow. Not only that, but every time they wear the scent, it will remind them of how friendly you are. You can also add the beauty products for the women in the family.

6. Decorations

The month of Ramadan is often linked to the fanous, which is a common lamp. You might want to think about it when making a list of ideas for a gift for a family member.