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PTE Write Essay

First of all, in PTE Write Essay, you should provide some background information on the topic, such as if the essay topic is remote working, you might mention some current trends related to the topic as the first sentence of your essay introduction. A paraphrase and writing of the question will come next. Here, you repeat the essay question in your own words. After the introduction of the PTE essay, the last sentence should include the argument that you will use in your essay. When you use the Edutrainex PTE Essay template, you will get a high score for this task as you write what exactly you plan to argue about, which side will you choose.

Next, write the body, which should consist of two paragraphs, in the PTE writing essay. Throughout the essay body, we will apply a similar approach to all paragraphs, with the idea presented in four sections, according to our template for an essay. As a first step, you must state the main idea, i.e., what you hope to cover in that essay paragraph. In addition, you need to provide support for the idea you just discussed that will demonstrate its credibility, and you should also provide an example to illustrate it. Finally, you should just rephrase what you already said, including the examples. As we noted previously, the single idea we should focus on for paragraph 1 is 'flexibility', so we're going to write the sentences as described in our PTE writing essay template for paragraph 1. Similarly, writing the second paragraph of the essay follows the same structure I have described before. However, this time you use the second idea as well.

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