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In contrast to the PTE vs IELTS English exams, the IELTS Speaking test consists of face-to-face interviews that involve short questions, in-depth discussions about a familiar topic, and a structured discussion. The IELTS Listening and Reading sections contain a lot of questions. You will be played 4 recorded conversations during the IELTS 40 listening questions, and you will be asked to read and answer 3 to 4 long passages during the 40 reading questions. PTE IELTS Compare a letter is written for the IELTS General test, while analyzing a graph is for the IELTS Academic test. In the Writing part of the IELTS General test, there are only two questions.

A separate IELTS Speaking test, administered at a different location and on a different date, consists of short questions, face-to-face interviews, and in-depth and structured discussions facilitated by an IELTS examiner. In the next section, we will compare PTE scores with IELTS scores to give you a better understanding of each. Next, we'll take a closer look at the PTE Academic test, which will further help us compare IELTS and PTE. The entire PTE test is divided into twenty tasks under the four sections, and each of those tasks requires a different strategy. PTE tests are broken down differently, so you'll find that when you compare them, they are based on different kinds of questions or tasks. Learn about the two English tests with the help of Edutrainex and be successful in your goals by learning about the two English tests.

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