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Describe Image | Retell lecture

In the PTE speaking exam, the Describe Image question is one of the most difficult, along with the Retell Lecture question. Students often are scared of these questions because they get confused about what to say. The real issue is that students do not have access to correct information and advice from PTE experts, and often rely on templates available online without verifying their effectiveness. PTE Describe Image and PTE Retell lecture tasks can be improved by assessing yourself and identifying your weak points. Different people have different weaknesses, some may not be fluent while others may struggle with pronunciation. You need to identify your weaknesses in order to develop a plan on improving them. To do a Retell Lecture, you also need to have good listening skills and note-taking skills. Listening to podcasts or documentaries while making notes is a good idea, while taking notes is a good idea for PTE Describe Image. For this section, you need to see images in financial magazines or newspapers and describe them on your own. You will gradually improve your speaking skills if you practice this every day, which will improve your score.

It is essential to practice and receive feedback from PTE experts in order to succeed in the PTE Retell lecture and PTE Describe image tests. We at Edutrainex provide comprehensive guidance and analysis to our students, who greatly benefit from it. Join Edutrainex today to get ahead of the other students by getting quality questions and guidance from the experts. As well as PTE Describe Image templates for all image types, we also offer PTE Retell lecture templates for students with weak English skills who need some encouragement. Additionally, you can join us to learn how to improve your oral fluency, pronunciation, and content skills, and always remember to speak from what you have heard or seen in the lecture.

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